SPM (7.20.1)

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SPM (7.20.1)






SPM Label Report: Add Option for PDF Output [m178604]

Added checkbox in the SPM - Labels Report to get output as a PDF file.





SPM: Add Feature to Select Sub-list of MAG Members [m179534]

New field CAN_SUB_SELECT_YN has been added to the DT_SPM_CONTRACT_MAG table. When set to “y” or "yes", the new field allows only a sub-list of MAG members (versus all members) to be assigned or added to a sample. The sub-selection can be either by specific CAS_RNs or by analytic method. This sub-selection is done using the new Advanced MAGs tab added next to the MAGs tab in the SPM Samples screen.





SPM: New EZSRN Format [m181494]

EZSRN is a new, simplified SRN format that is designed to streamline the essential information needed by labs.





SPM Schema: Added ANALYTIC_METHOD and SPM_ANALYSIS Fields [m181894]

Modified the SPM Schema as follows:
- Added field ANALYTIC_METHOD to the DT_SRN_ISSUE_SAMPLE table.
- Added field SPM_ANALYSIS to the DT_CHAIN_OF_CUSTODY_MAG table.





SPM: Add SPM Group to Collect-COC and SRN Issues Reports [m182083]

Added support to show SPM Group in the output of Sample Issues of SPM-SRN Issues and Collect-COC reports.





SPM Completeness Report: Add Option to Not Check by Sample Depth [m182371]

Added an option to the SPM Completeness Report to not check by sample depth.