REST API (7.20.1)

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REST API (7.20.1)






REST API: Support Chunked File Upload via POST api/edp [m174964]

Implemented Resumable upload for EDDs in REST API. The route POST api/edp now supports a broad range of use case scenarios including Content-Type multipart/form-data, application/x-www-form-urlencoded, and application/vnd.equis+json uploads. Other Content-Type requests are assumed to be EDD data files. Resumable (chunked) uploads are supported with X-Content-Range headers to upload EDD files in chunks directly to ST_FILE_REGISTRATION. This is an adaptation of RFC-7233 that interprets X-Content-Range in the request, returning a Location header with a unique upload URL and X-Content-Range header indicating the bytes transmitted so far. See Swagger documentation for additional information or contact EarthSoft Support for full documentation of this feature.





REST API : Update to Allow CORS Requests [m176693]

The REST API has been updated to allow for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) requests.





REST API: POST api/notices/ [m176827]

REST API route POST api/notices now supports creation of EQuIS notices with attachments and symbolic routing. See the revised Swagger documentation for details.





Evaluate Esri JS API 4.13 [m179162]

The Esri JS API version has been updated from 4.12 to 4.13.





REST API: Add EQuIS API Versioning to Swagger Documents [m180850]

Swagger docs have been modified to show the EQuIS 7 Build Number rather than just "v7".





REST API: Support for 'PUT' File Content [m181350]

Added the ability to send a file's content as a byte array via the api/files/{fileId} endpoint.





REST API: POST API/Groups Does Not Populate FACILITY_ID [m182600]

The POST api/groups endpoint now populates FACILITY_ID.





REST API: POST api/facilities Additional Mappings [m182602]

POST api/facilities now populates the following DT_FACILITY table columns: COORD_UNIT, ELEV_UNIT, SYS_REGION_CODE, and CUSTOM_FIELD_5.





REST API: POST api/facilities Incorrectly Mapping PROJECT_MANAGER [m182603]

POST api/facilities endpoint now correctly populates DT_FACILITY.PROJECT_MANAGER





REST API: Expand Swagger Descriptions [m182728]

Extended Swagger documentation for api/edp and api/notices as part of an ongoing effort to expand the Swagger documentation for all of the EQuIS REST API.





REST API: api/edp/save/{format}/{facilityId} Deprecated [m182847]

The REST API route POST api/edp/save/{format}/{facilityId} is deprecated. This route will remain available and continue to work though 2020. Developers are encouraged to migrate to the new route POST api/edp as soon as possible.





REST API Server Side Caching Security Issue [m184402]

We recently discovered a security vulnerability in a few of the EQuIS Enterprise REST API endpoints in Build 19300 (see This vulnerability is fixed in Build 7.20.1. For security purposes, and per policy, the exact details of the vulnerability are not being disclosed.