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Add EBATCH to Google Earth Location so EIA Can Be Triggered with New Locations in EDD [m141245]

The Google Earth: Location Report is updated so that an Enterprise EIA for New Data can be set up based on the report. For example, set up an EIA for new data in Enterprise to this report. When new locations are added to a facility (i.e. an EDD containing new location data is submitted). The EIA sends out the results of the report, including only the new locations in the EDD,
We recommend this report, if already published to your project database(s), be republished following these instructions:





Schema - Relationship between DT_CHAIN_OF_CUSTODY, DT_CHAIN_OF_CUSTODY_MAG [m150390]

Added Foreign Key Constraint on DT_CHAIN_OF_CUSTODY_MAG that references DT_CHAIN_OF_CUSTODY based on FACILITY_ID and the CHAIN_OF_CUSTODY_ID columns.





DQM -Create|Start Event- Form Redesign and New Grid Filters [m158627]

The DQM Create Event Form is updated with grid filters, tooltips, and a new design for improved workflow.





EQuIS Professional xcopy - Include x86 Files [m159630]

x86 .exe files are now included in the EQuIS Professional xcopy.





Coordinate Conversion Form - Option to Add New Converted Records [m165056]

Coordinate Conversion Form has been updated with the option to add converted records as new records or to replace existing records.
Known Issue: Sorting columns ascending or descending before converting coordinates will cause the row highlighting to be inaccurate. This issue does not affect adding or replacing converted coordinates.
We recommend this form, if already published to your project database(s), be republished following these instructions:





Create Record in ST_USAGE Based On DQM Event [m169341]

Every time a DQM validation event is created, reopened and/or completed, a record in ST_USAGE will be added.





Professional - Add Option to Install EarthSoft.Live.Reports.dll [m172013]

The Professional Setup Wizard now includes an option for installing EQuIS Live Reports, which includes all (40+) Live Reports and Agents.





EQuIS for ArcGIS (ArcMap) - Problems Checking Out License [m172433]

An issue has been fixed where ArcMap would consume an additional Premier Graphics license when a Premier Data and Graphics license was already checked out in EQuIS Professional. [UPDATE] After further testing, it has been determined that this issue is not fixed as of Build 7.20.1. Please look for release note 184234 in a future release for the resolution to this issue.





Schema - Refactor/Rewrite EQUIS.GROUP_MEMBERS Database Function [m174647]

The database function EQUIS.GROUP_MEMBERS was refactored/rewritten to improve performance. It should return the same results (except that the new function returns a [level] and [group_type] columns in addition to the original returned columns). Function may be used in Formats, Reports, etc.





VLA - PPU Usage Report and Billing Statement - Fixed "No months" Error With Saved Input Parameters [m174785]

Fixed an issue where the report failed to work with the parameters of a saved user report, which led to the "No months were selected as input parameter" error.
We recommend this report, if already published to your project database(s), be republished following these instructions:





Report Parameter Selector - Updates/Improvements [m175390]

The following issues have been fixed.
- The Report Parameter Selector did not select parameters in order for all reports, when using the Tab key to navigate.
- User Reports and Parameter file drop-downs did not allow column sorting or show any notice when the drop-downs were empty.
- Admin users were not able to delete user reports using the "Delete selected User Report" button.
- Disabled parameters could still be selected.
- Some parameters showed extra "|" characters in the value label.
- Parameters could not be selected by clicking on the value label.
- When entering a date it was only possible to move from month, day, and year using the arrow keys.
- Clicking the white space near a parent node would collapse the node.
- It was not possible to select a parameter by clicking on the parameter value.
- When a parameter value was the default value or had not been changed, it would not be bold.
- Description labels did not resize after the parameter was selected.





Schema - Grant EXECUTE Permission on EQUIS.FORMAT_NUMBER() Function [m175495]

Granted EXECUTE permissions on the database function EQUIS.FORMAT_NUMBER so it can be used by any user (this function may be used in reports or elsewhere, but was not initially granted permission to everyone).





Professional Backstage - Enable Switching Facilities When Launched from Enterprise [m176149]

It is now possible to change facilities with .equis files from Enterprise within Professional.





ALE II - Convert All Detection Limits to Reporting Unit [m176370]

The Analytical Results II Report has been updated to output all detection limits converted to the @reporting_unit parameter if populated or to DT_RESULT.DETECTION_LIMIT_UNIT if populated. Note if @reporting_unit parameter and DT_RESULT.DETECTION_LIMIT_UNIT are not populated, detection limits will be converted to DT_RESULT.RESULT_UNIT.
The Action Level Exceedance II Report output for all detection limits converted to the @reporting_unit parameter under the same scenarios, also uses the updated logic.





Schema - equis.refresh_schema Does Not Create Triggers When Executed on All Tables [m176534]

Fixed the bug that the database stored procedure EQUIS.REFRESH_SCHEMA does not work correctly when it is called with null parameter values. It behaves such that after an audition is turned on to a table (e.g. EXEC equis.add_audit 'dbo', 'dt_discharge_report'), any changes to newly added columns (added by the current Professional) of the audited table by a Professional user are not recorded in xt_audit.





Make EQuIS Professional FIPS Compliant - Must Update Licensing When Using Any FIPS Compliant Machine [m176826]

EQuIS Professional (and the EQuIS for ArcGIS ArcMap extension) will now run on a machine with FIPS enabled.
NOTE: The logic in the FilesEDD (an infrequently used EDD format that loads files and folders) that produces a GROUP_CODE from a folder path was changed from using an MD5 (not FIPS-compliant) hash to a SHA1 hash (FIPS-compliant), meaning the value that will be produced will be different (given the same input).





Schema - Stored Procedure Update to EQUIS.CHECK_EUIDS And Create View/Replace Table ST_ID [m177046]

Table ST_ID replaced with a View named ST_ID that gets the last EUID value from SQL Server's system view of sequences - i.e. where the current assigning of EUID values is now controlled. This change also fixes a bug where the Stored Procedure EQUIS.CHECK_EUIDS returned an error when it should not have.





Schema - SPM|EDGE - Include Additional Columns [m177291]

New columns are added to existing tables in the EDGE and SPM Schema:





Schema - Add REASON_CODE_RANK Column to RT_DQM_REASON [m177349]

Added REASON_CODE_RANK column to RT_DQM_REASON table.





ST_USAGE - Populate a New Record Whenever User Accesses a Table or View [m177616]

The initial EQuIS 7 release introduced the ST_USAGE table, which is used to monitor use of the system (e.g. to assist in troubleshooting, understanding usage patterns, etc.). EQuIS Professional was not creating ST_USAGE records when tables/views were opened by users. This has been changed such that EQuIS Professional will now populate ST_USAGE when a user opens a table or view.





Record Bandwidth Usage in ST_USAGE [m177638]

In order to enhance troubleshooting and activity monitoring, database activity is now recorded in ST_USAGE as "INGRESS" (bytes/records sent to the database) and "EGRESS" (bytes/records received from the database). Each process records database activity with two ST_USAGE records that are created once per process or every 24 hours (e.g. for Enterprise processes). The metrics (SIZE and RECORD_COUNT) are updated every hour.





Avoid System.Security.Permissions.FileIOPermission When Resolving Assemblies [m178178]

Running RDL reports with calculated columns was failing with an exception message about 'System.Security.Permissions.FileIOPermission'. Expressions used in calculated columns run in a partial trust context, therefore resolving assemblies cannot be done. That exception is now ignored and these error messages will no longer be shown to the user (however, the report should still run as expected).





Unable To Open Tables When DT_NOTE Contains Many Records [m178683]

Improved performance of note functionality in EQuIS Professional so that large tables open quickly.





Qualifier Ranking Fail For Certain ND Results [m179108]

DQM assigned the wrong qualifier when the following were true:
- The result is ND.
- The result has multiple exceptions (e.g. Rule #1 and Rule #2 are both violated).
- The merge_qualifiers parameter is set to FALSE (i.e. use the highest ranked qualifier
instead of merging).
- The rank of the QUALIFIER for Rule #1 is HIGHER than the rank of the QUALIFIER for
Rule #2.
- The rank of the ND_QUALIFIER for Rule #1 is LOWER than the rank of the
ND_QUALIFIER for Rule #2.
This bug has been fixed.