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Map Widget: Editor Logs Error When No Facility Configured [m169140]

A bug has been fixed that was causing the Map widget to sometimes log an unnecessary console error.





Time Series Chart Widget: UI Feedback When Adding Series Data [m169515]

Added an indicator to the Time Series Chart Widget Editor to denote progress when adding another data series.





Login Widget: Right-Click Menu Appears When Right-Clicking Anywhere in Widget [m169585]

A bug has been fixed in the Login Widget that displayed a custom context menu each time a mouse was right-clicked. The mouse right-click functionality has been disabled, but keyboard controls for copying (Ctrl + C) and pasting (Ctrl + V) text are functional.





Map Widget: Symbology Editor Does Not Show Symbol [m169665]

A bug has been fixed in the Map Widget that caused the "Cross", "X", and symbol outlines to not be displayed on the Symbology tab in the Widget Editor.





Enterprise 7: Connectionstring Not Encrypted for Single Folder Method [m169746]

Fixed an issue where only one connection string would encrypt when using the single folder method.





Time Series Chart Widget: "Min" and "Max" Axes Not Appearing in Widget Editor After Upgrade [m170033]

After upgrading from Enterprise 6.6 to 7, the "Min" and "Max" axes settings for a chart setup prior to upgrading were not visible in the Widget Editor even though the values were plotting and being respected in the chart. The type cast error that prevented the Min and Max axes settings from persisting across edits has been addressed.





Widget Editors: Add Help Button and Display Type of Widget in Header [m170703]

A "Help" icon has been added to all Widget Editors for connecting to the widget's help documentation. The type of widget is also displayed in the header of the Widget Editor to easily identify the widget type if the title has been edited.





EDP EDD Status Widget: Accurate Statuses for EDDs, Update Status Dynamically [m172018]

Revised GET api/edp so that the processState values now reflect ONLY EDP load status as one of {unknown, inprocess, committed, rejected, or rolledBack}. Removed the query parameter. Removed the URI query parameter EddActionParameter.Action since it was never fully implemented.





REST API: Deprecate GET /api/download/debug/{fileName}/{checksum} Endpoint [m172636]

GET /api/download/debug/{fileName}/{checksum} has been deprecated and will be removed in a future Enterprise release. The deprecated endpoint duplicated functionality of GET api/download/edd/{jobId} and GET /api/files/{fileId}, which can download EDDs and files without requiring the file name and the checksum.





Support Request Page: Downloads "Everything" on EOL Sites [m173866]

The EarthSoft Support Request page (SupportRequest.aspx) was downloading more than the logs when the "Include EQuIS logs in request?" radio button was selected. This has been fixed.





EIA Editor: Refactor Component to Eliminate JQuery Logic [m174130]

A bug has been fixed that prevented the EIA Editor from updating with new values when changing between different EIAs.





ST_CONFIG Table Record for Allowing User Registration [m174362]

Added an ST_CONFIG table setting that allows enabling or disabling user registration. By default, the "Get Started" button on the Welcome Dashboard Login widget will be hidden unless configured. See https://help.earthsoft.com/conf-login-widget.htm for configuration details.





Explorer Widget: Add Loading Indicator [m174593]

Added a loading indicator for when a user clicks on a folder in the Explorer widget. Thus, the user knows the click was registered and is being processed.





REST API: Implement Feature Layer Editing [m174670]

The REST API facility Feature Layer endpoints have been upgraded to allow for editing of features via ArcGIS Professional using the applyEdits endpoint.





Time Series Chart Widget: Interaction with Filter-List Widget Results in Loss of Charts [m174760]

A bug has been resolved where the Time Series Chart Widget would fail to reload correctly when filtering locations via the Filter-List Widget.





Update Report Cache to Use BlobStore [m174967]

Report caching has been updated to use remote BLOBs (Binary Large OBjects) and manipulates these BLOBs via the BlobStore. Updating report caching to remoteBLOBs enables users to cache to an Azure Blob Storage Account along with NTFS (New Technology File System) local storage. With this change, Report Caching will be disabled until the new BLOB configuration is added.





User Profile Editor: Number of Roles per Page in the Grid View Defaults to 10 [m175056]

The default number of rows per page for the roles grid in the User Profile Editor has been changed to 10 rows, to maximize screen real-estate.





Data Grid Widget: JSON Editor Functionality [m175250]

The Data Grid Widget Editor's "Advanced" tab has been refactored to display the widget settings as raw JSON. This allows for easy copying and pasting, as well as maintaining the ability to edit, add, or remove properties.





Filter-List Widget: Refresh Breaks Widget When Filter is Applied [m175406]

The "Refresh" option has been removed from the Filter-List widget menu for newly created widgets, fixing a bug that resulted in the widget becoming unresponsive after clicking "Refresh". Existing Filter-List widgets will need their sdt_widget.refreshable_yn value set to 'N' in order to take advantage of this fix.





EDP EDD Status Widget: Displaying WEB and PRO Upload if EDD Loaded via WEB Failed to Create [m175408]

Fixed an issue that was causing EDDs uploaded via web to display an error with a PRO submission as well as a WEB submission.





Map Widget: Undefined Values for ldef Keys Based on "options.opacity" [m175547]

A bug has been fixed in the Map Widget that caused Tiled, Image, and Vector Tile layer types to only render at full opacity regardless of the Opacity (%) value.





Explorer Widget: Needs Refresh After Creating a New Folder to Function Properly [m175615]

A bug has been fixed in the Explorer widget that required a widget refresh after adding a new folder before the folder could successfully be interacted with. The new folder is now placed in the correct location within the Explorer file tree and can be used without refreshing the widget.





EDP Status Report: Run for All of "My" Facilities (for Non-Administrator Users) [m175630]

The EDP Status Report has been modified such that non-administrators may now run the report for all of their facilities by leaving the facility parameter empty. Previously, the report would not return any data if a non-administrator ran the report with an empty facility parameter.





REST API: GET api/groups Returning 500 [m175678]

A bug has been fixed in the REST API that was causing the api/groups endpoint to fail in certain cases.





Widget Editors: Advanced Tab Disappearing with Browser Zoom 90% (or Lower) or 110% (or Greater) [m175796]

A bug in the javascript framework utilized by Enterprise was causing the "Advanced" tab of the Time Series Chart, Drilldown, and other widgets to disappear when the web browser was set at zoom levels above 110% and below 90% or when the browser window was reduced in size. This fix minimizes but does not eliminate the effects of the bug.





EZView Widget: Need Feedback for "Send me this report" Option [m175869]

Added a feedback dialog when a user sends themselves a report.





Report Parameter Editor: Date Picker Breaks for Languages That Support dd/mm/yyyy Formatting [m175878]

Fixed an issue with the Facility Chooser in the Report Parameter Editor that was causing an issue for dates formatted with dd/mm/yyyy.





Report Parameter Editor: Facility Group Selection in Editor Not Respected if Session Facility is Cleared [m175992]

Fixed an issue preventing a facility group set in the report parameter editor from functioning properly when the session facility had been cleared.





Esri JS API 4.12 Evaluation [m176007]

The Esri JS API has been updated to v4.12.





REST API: Update GET api/groups to Show the Group Parent [m176259]

The api/groups GET endpoint has been updated to have an optional parameter (returnTopLevelOnly) to return just the top level groups.





EZView Widget: Default Download Type to XLSX [m176393]

The default download file type for IGridReports and Crosstab reports has been changed from a tab-separated text (TXT) file to a Microsoft Excel workbook (XLSX) file.





Time Series Chart Widget: Date Time Column Not Detected for Live Date Series Data Report [m176681]

The Time Series Chart widget can be configured with user reports based on the Live Date Series Data report.





REST API: Add Support for Polygon Report Output [m176692]

The REST API report feature layer endpoints have been updated to return polygon features for those reports that support them (e.g., AR II report w/ Extra columns).





Time Series Chart Widget: Zero Values Excluded When Equalizing by Axis [m176723]

A bug was fixed that excluded zero ("0") values when equalizing a Time Series Chart.





Time Series Chart Widget: Make Series Comparison Case Insensitive [m176745]

A bug has been resolved where Time Series Chart widget groupings with differing text cases, but the same values, would get treated as different values.





Workflow: Duplicate Key Error on Notice When User Submits an EDD and Is Also FileProcess Administrator [m176900]

Fixed an issue causing an error when a EDD was successfully submitted via Enterprise.





REST API: Implement Facility Feature Layer applyEdits [m176917]

The REST API facility feature layers have been updated with an applyEdits endpoint, which allows users with adequate permissions to create and edit facilities and facility locations through ArcEQuIS.





User Profile Editor: Option to Generate Authentication Token [m176935]

Added the ability to generate new authentication tokens and delete existing tokens in the User Profile Editor. The user must be viewing their own profile and also must be a member of the Rest API role.





Explorer Widget: Need to Redirect to Internet Files That Are Not Proxy [m177266]

Explorer widget now supports redirect to internet files.





Drilldown Widget: Unset Parameter [m177286]

A "blank row" option was added to the Drilldown Widget Editor drop-down menus to allow deselection of a column.





REST API: GET api/facilities Populates statusFlag [m177330]

The REST API facility methods have been updated to populate the facility statusFlag field.





Map Widget: Not Zooming to Facility Extent If DT_FACILITY XMIN/MAX YMIN/MAX Values Blank [m177526]

A bug has been fixed in the Map widget that was preventing the widget from sometimes zooming to the facility extent.





Use EQuIS Globe Icon for Display in Browser Tabs [m177944]

The icon displayed in the browser tab when a user is logged into an Enterprise site has been updated from the report icon to the EQuIS Globe.





Map Widget: User Report Layer URL Does Not Update Appropriately When Polygon Geography is Selected [m178522]

A bug has been fixed in the Map Widget Editor that was preventing the user from selecting polygon geography for report layers.





Report Parameter Editor: Parameter Nodes Not Showing for Child Parameters [m178723]

Nested parameters were not getting their own folder in the Report Parameter Editor. This has been fixed.





Drilldown Widget: Convert String Values to Number [m178792]

Drilldown widgets with an aggregate column value equal to a string valued number will now plot correctly. The Drilldown widget converts string integers to integers to enable plotting. String values that include non-numeric characters will be treated as values = 0 for aggregate calculations.





Time Series Chart Widget: Axes Labels Break With Languages That Use Comma Separators [m178819]

A bug has been fixed that was causing axes labels to render incorrectly when browser language was set to a language that uses commas as decimal separators.





Time Series Chart Widget: Changing the Session Facility and Other Filters Does Not Refresh Widget and Rerun Report [m179279]

The Time Series Chart widget was not properly filtering the data for filter events. This has been fixed. The Time Series Chart widget should now filter properly for all filter events that are applicable to the data configured to the widget.





REST API Server Side Caching Security Issue [m184402]

We recently discovered a security vulnerability in a few of the EQuIS Enterprise REST API endpoints in Build 19300 (see https://forum.earthsoft.com/communities/1/topics/4808-). This vulnerability is fixed in Build 7.20.1. For security purposes, and per policy, the exact details of the vulnerability are not being disclosed.