Well Trend Charts

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Well Trend Charts

To create a Well Trend Chart, complete the following steps.


1.Open the Water Levels Extra Fields Report.

a.Select a Location group, and then run the report by selecting the green Go arrow.

2.Select the XY Chart button.

3.Under the Data toolbar, ensure the selections are as follows:

a.Group Series by: Non Selected

b.Group Charts by: SYS_LOC_CODE

4.Select the Add Chart series button (to the right of Save button) which is located on the Data toolbar.

5.Rename the legend by right-clicking anywhere on the series page and selecting Advanced and then All Series.

a.Rename the title to Water Level Elevation.

b.Change the Vertical Axis from Left to Right.


If the Analytical Results Report has already been run, it is possible to add the data series to the chart by selecting that report output. To run the Analytical Results II Report, follow the steps below.


1.Open the Analytical Results Report.

2.Open the Trend Plot parameter file that was previously created.

3.Open the Well Results chart file to capture the Quarterly WG Wells and data sets.

a.Location Group: Select desired group.

b.Sample Type: N

c.Change date to the current date.

d.Matrix: WG

e.Result Type: TRG

f.Detection Limit Multiplier: 1.0

g.Reporting Detection Limit

h.Reportable Result: Yes

4.Use the XY Chart by clicking the XY Charts icon.

5.When the Analytical Results XY Chart-1 opens, select a Load Configuration file. Open the saved config file, which will populate the fields in the data tab on the right.



c.Y-Axis: REPORT_RESULT_VALUE. Non-detects are plotted at full detection limit.

d.Group Series By: CHEMICAL_NAME

e.Group Charts By: SYS_LOC_CODE

f.Add Series As: Line


The series needs to have the default naming scheme for the template to be applied to the series in the chart.


6.Format the SYS_LOC_CODE headers. The template will format the title on all charts. Format the Header (SYS_LOC_CODES) by right-clicking and choosing Advanced> All Charts> Advanced > Header > and select the text type.

a.It is also possible to apply subheaders: Advanced > All Charts > Advanced > Subheader > and select the text type.

7.Format the line thickness. Right-click and choose Advanced > All Series > Advanced > Appearance > Brush > Linepen > and select the width.

8.Format the symbology for the lines by right-clicking and choose Advanced > All Series > Advanced > Appearance > Linepen > and select the line style.

a.To turn on all line styles: Misc > Pointer > and set visibility to True.

9.Adjust the titles for the different axes. Right-click on the axis and choose Advanced > All Charts. Then select Misc > Axes > Left > Title > Font.

10.Remove the title on the X-Axis by right-clicking and choosing Advanced > All Charts > Advanced > All Charts. Then select Misc > Axes > Bottom > Title > Visibility and set visibility to False.

11.Edit the legend files by right-clicking on each value and choosing Advanced > Edit Data Series. Then select Misc > Title > Menus and remove desired tables.


The chart is now be ready to print or export.