Create Custom SQL Function Report from EarthSoft Standard

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Create Custom SQL Function Report from EarthSoft Standard

For any type of report, ST_REPORT.REPORT_NAME should not end with text identical to standard EarthSoft report names, but instead follow report naming conventions.


To create a copy of standard SQL function EQuIS Reports, create a copy in SQL Server first, then customize the new report parameters.


1.Select the function in SQL Management Studio.

2.Right-click and select Script Function as > Create To > New Query Editor Window.

3.In the query window that opens, change the function name as desired.

4.Execute the new code to add the report to the schema.

5.Navigate to the EQUIS.ADD_REPORT function.

6.Right-click on the EQUIS.ADD_REPORT function and select Execute Stored Procedure.

7.Enter the report name from number 2 (remove square brackets) in the Value field for the @object_name Parameter (in window that opens).

8.Select OK to return the new REPORT_ID in the ST_REPORT tables.

9.Filter on the new REPORT_ID in ST_REPORT_PARAMETER and edit the report parameters as desired, from within EQuIS Professional.

10.Add the standard report to the filter and copy/paste the standard parameter values to the new report records to transfer the standard parameters.