Modify Chart at Runtime

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Modify Chart at Runtime

After a chart is generated via XY Chart, it can be modified at runtime. For example: Run ARII with three analytes at two locations. Click on XY Chart, select Group Series By = chemical_name. Click Add Series to generate a chart of Line type.


Modify Color, Width, Dash Style of Line of Chart at Runtime


1.Click on the toolbar Settings-02 Turn On/Off Current Chart Editor to turn on the Chart Editor.

2.Click on Editor Style of Chart Editor and select a data series to open the Chart Series Style window.

3.Select Interior - BackColor to change the color of the line (e.g. to Red).

4.Click Border - Width to change the width of the line (e.g. to 3).

5.Click Border - Dash Style to change the dash style of the line (e.g. to Dash).

6.Click OK to apply the changes to the line.

7.Click Send To Excel to export the chart with the changes to Excel.


Turn On or Select Markers of Data Points of Series, Modify Color, Size of Markers at Runtime


1.Open the Chart Series Style window (following Steps 1-2 in the section above).

2.Click the Symbol tab. Select Symbol - Shape to select a shape of a marker (e.g. square).


Note: The shapes of markers of a chart may not exist in Excel charts. If the shape of the marker does not exist in Excel, a close shape is used when the chart is exported to Excel.


3.Select Symbol - Color to change the fill color of the marker (e.g. Lime).

4.Enter a value to Size - Width and Height (e.g. 15 and 15).


Note: Excel symbols only use size or not width and height, enter the same number for symbol width and height in XY Chart if the chart is exported to Excel.


5.Click OK to apply the changes to the line.


Convert Line Type Chart to Line-Scatter Type Chart


1.Click View > Advanced > All Series.

2.In the Advanced tab, select Chart > Type = Scatter. Select Misc > ScatterConnectType = Line.


Note: To further customize a series with a modified marker, right-click ACETONE, select Edit Style, click Symbol, change Symbol > Shape from none to Diamond > Color to Yellow and Size > Width/Height to 15. Click OK.


Convert Scatter Type Chart to Line Type Chart


1.Click View > Advanced > All Series.

2.In the Advanced tab, select Chart > Type = Line, and then select Misc > ScatterConnectType = Line.