Edit Axes

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Edit Axes

Edit Axes of All Charts at Same Time


1.Select View > Advanced > All Charts (opens Advanced tab).

2.In the Advanced tab, scroll down to Axes and expand PrimaryXAxis or PrimaryYAxis to edit.




1.Modify Axes/PrimaryYAxis/DrawGrid from True to False to remove horizontal grid lines in all the charts.

2.Modify Axes/PrimaryYAxis/Title from REPORT_RESULT_VALUE to Analytical Results to display one preferred Y axis title in all the charts.

3.Modify Axes/PrimaryYAxis/OpposedPosition from False to True to display Y axis at the right side of the charts.


Change Y Axis of Some Series of All Charts from Left-Axis to SecondaryY Axis or Right-Axis


Go to the section titled Associate Series with Particular Axis or Associate Water Level with Right-Axis in the online help article Combine Data from Multiple Reports in XY Chart.


Note: SecondaryY is used only when there is a primary or left Y-axis and a desire for a secondary Y-axis to display another series.