Live Data Computation Agent

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Live Data Computation Agent

The Data Computation Agent is a component of EQuIS Live (available in EarthSoft.Live.Reports.dll) that can be used to create and maintain computed series based on one or more source/input series.


The Data Computation Agent is similar to the Data Deriver Agent, however, in most cases, it does not aggregate data as the Data Deriver Agent does. The Data Computation Agent will aggregate data only if there are multiple source series, and multiple source datum rows exist for the same date-time. In the case where there's one source series, one computed datum row is created for each source datum row. The computed datum row will have the same date-time as the source datum row, but a different value (the computed value).


The following examples describe scenarios where the Data Computation Agent may be useful:


Calibration and Data Correction – Over time, drift may occur in a data logger. In such a case, a correction likely needs to be applied to the data. The Data Computation Agent may be used to create a corrected series that uses the data logger readings as input, and applies some formula to correct for the drift in the raw data.

Copy Data to Other EQuIS Tables – Water level data is being logged via data loggers, but would like to also have the data stored in DT_WATER_LEVEL to utilize certain EQuIS reports.

Run a Stored Procedure – A stored procedure may be run that uses SQL functions such as LAG and/or LEAD to perform more advanced computations. See Example 3.


A computed series may be used like a normal series in other components of EQuIS Live (charts, agents, etc.).


Computing Data


The Data Computation Agent can be run as a scheduled EQuIS Information Agent (EIA), at the desired frequency, to automatically compute data as often as needed. When the agent runs, it will process all applicable series in the database, so only one user needs to create and schedule the agent.


The Data Computation Agent can also be run in EQuIS Professional or Enterprise (using the EZView widget) to compute the data manually, without having to schedule an EIA.


The report results contain the computed datum rows that have changed (or would have changed - if the SAVE changes to database? report parameter was True), and their old and new values.