Water Level Elevation Trend Plot

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Water Level Elevation Trend Plot

Report Name: Water Level Elevation Trend Plot (example)

File Name: EarthSoft.Reports.Library.07880.dll

Dependencies: N/A

Software: EQuIS Professional and EQuIS Enterprise

Source: EQuIS Professional install

Language: English

Output Type: .bmp, .png, .tiff, .wmf


Description: The Water Level Trend Plot Report generates charts of water level elevations. In addition, an analyte can be added to water level charts. It uses Water Levels Report and Analytical Results Report to retrieve source data.


Installation Instructions: This report assembly is part of the EQuIS Professional installation. No additional installation steps are necessary. Thisreport cannot be published to the database.



If Analyte is not selected, only the water level is plotted. If Analyte is selected but Unit is not selected or there are any unit conversion errors, an error message is displayed. If there are any missing data, e.g. missing X or Y value in a pair of X and Y measurements, or other unexpected issues, the errors are noted in the Errors tab.


Refer to XY Chart Basics: Chart Toolbar and XY Chart Basics: Chart Editor of XY Charts of XY/XYZ Charts for more information.


Tables: The tables used by Water Levels Report and by Analytical Results II


Report Parameters


Select location(s)

Parameter for selecting individual locations.


Parameter for selecting location groups.

Date Range

Section to select the water levels start date, and end date.


Parameter for selecting an analyte.


Unit parameter that is required of an analyte is selected.

* This report includes the hidden parameter: Water Level (default is exact_elev).



Report Output

Trend plot