User Permissions Report

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User Permissions Report

Report Name: User Permissions Report (example)

File Name: EarthSoft.Reports.Library.97403.dll

Dependencies: Enterprise Schema and site

Software: EQuIS Professional, EQuIS Enterprise

Source: EQuIS Enterprise /bin folder

Language: Arabic, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese

Output Type: Excel1


Description: The User Permissions Report lists the object permissions granted or denied to a specified user or role. The report mimics what is shown in the permissions grid on the User Profile and Role Profile editor windows.  


The report consists of a Microsoft Excel workbook with multiple worksheets. The first worksheet, called "Report Info", is an overview of the report including report run time, run by, which user the permission is for, and what report parameters were used. The remaining worksheets contain the permissions for the specified user or role. The worksheets are separated by object type like the permissions grid, and the spreadsheet columns and rows will be the same as on the permissions grid, using numbers rather than icons to signify permission levels:



Permission Type












Owner + Creator


Editor + Creator


Viewer + Creator


Individual object permissions are shown on separate tabs for the dashboards, facilities, files & documents, reports, and widgets type.


If the user is an administrator, the report will list all objects and object types. If not, the report will only list the objects and object types for which the user has been granted at least viewer permission.


Installation Instructions:

To access the report in Professional, the report must either be copied from the bin folder of the Enterprise package into the EQuIS installation folder, typically C:\Program Files\EarthSoft\EQuIS or (for per-user installation) %localappdata%\Programs\EarthSoft\EQuIS\. Alternatively, the report can be published to the database and stored in the database assembly.


To enable the report in Enterprise, do the following:

1.Publish the Reports – The two reports from the EarthSoft.Reports.Library.97403.dll assembly will need to be published to the database before they will work. Publishing can be achieved with EQuIS Professional. To publish using EQuIS Professional, follow the steps  on the Publish a Report - Quick-start Guide page.

2.Grant Appropriate Permissions – Once the report has been published to the EQuIS database, users who do not already have permission to view the general report type will need to have at least Viewer permission granted to them for the report. The permission must be granted to this report specifically; granting any permission to a new report created from these reports (such as a saved user report) will not enable the download link in Enterprise.


In Enterprise, if the report is published and the user has permission, a download icon_Excel icon will appear in the following areas:

The User Profile window, accessible to administrators in the User Manager widget.

The Permissions section of the Role Profile window, accessible to administrators in the Role Manager widget.

The current logged-on user's profile, accessible within the More Options icon_moreoptions icon on the right side of the dashboard header.


Changes to a user’s permissions must be saved to appear in the report.




Input Parameters

User or Role ID

Select the user or role to see granted or denied object permissions.


If the logged-on user is an administrator, all users and roles will be displayed. If the user is not an administrator, only their own user and only roles to which they belong will be displayed.


Object Type

Limit to selected object type(s): dashboard, facility, file, report, or widget

Hide Null Objects

Filter out objects where the selected user has no permission granted or denied. Default is false (i.e., 0).

Search Text

Enter in search text related to objects and object types. This works the same as the search box on the permissions grid.


Tables: ST_ROLE, ST_USER, hidden XT_AUTH… tables


Data Requirements: N/A


Report Requirements: In EQuIS Professional, it is recommended to log in as an Enterprise user to run this report; otherwise, some parameters may not be able to be set and/or the report may not output any results.


1Excel report output requires a valid license of Microsoft Excel to view the output.