SPM - Completeness Table - Field Samples Report

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SPM - Completeness Table - Field Samples Report

Report Name: SPM - Completeness Table - Field Samples (example)

File Name: EarthSoft.Reports.Library.48827.dll

Dependencies: Licensed SPM and SPM Schema

Software: SPM

Source: SPM install

Language: English

Output Type: Report Grid with options for Excel1 and CrossTab


Description: The SPM - Completeness Table - Field Samples report gives a comparison between the samples that had been scheduled to occur and the data that has been received in the EQuIS data tables. The report grid has a Status column to show complete and incomplete tasks. This report is intended to generate a grid output to be used in EQuIS Enterprise and Microsoft Power BI Dashboards.


Installation Instructions: This report requires a licensed SPM and the SPM Schema applied to the database. For SPM usage, no additional steps are necessary. For Enterprise usage, this report should be published to the database. The report will be available for selection once it has been published.


Overview: The comparison can use the SYS_SAMPLE_CODE or use the following fields from the DT_SPM_SCHEDULED_SAMPLE and DT_SAMPLE tables: TASK_CODE, SYS_LOC_CODE, SAMPLE_TYPE, MATRIX (if not null), and DEPTH (if not null).




Report Parameters

Plan Code

Parameter to select the sample plan code. Only plans with applicable tasks are shown.


Task Filter

Date Range


Select a start date.


Select an end date.


Parameter for selecting department(s).

Monitoring Program

Parameter for selecting monitoring program.

Monitoring Type

Parameter for selecting monitoring type.


Parameter for selecting authority.

Authority Type

Parameter for selecting authority type.

Permit Number

Parameter for selecting permit number.

Task Type

Parameter for selecting task type.

Priority Ranking

Parameter for selecting priority ranking.

Person Name(s)

Parameter for selecting person(s).

Company Code(s)

Parameter for selecting company code(s).


Parameter for selecting project(s).

SPM Task Code(s)

Parameter for selecting SPM task code(s).


Select one or more sample types.

QC Type(s)



Parameter for selecting individual locations.


Parameter for selecting location groups.

Check by Matrix

Checkbox for enabling check by matrix. Default: True.

Check by Sample depth

Checkbox for enabling check by Sample depth. Default: True.

Check by SPM sys_sample_code

Checkbox for enabling check by SPM sys_sample_code. Default: False.

Add Task Client

Checkbox to add task client. Default: False.

A Simple results Summary Report

Checkbox to create a simple lab results summary report with C and I status. Default: False.

Included Unplanned Samples

Checkbox to include unplanned samples. Default: False.


1Excel report output requires a valid license of Microsoft Excel to view the output.