Action Level Exceedance Format III

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Action Level Exceedance Format III

Report Name: Action Level Exceedance Format III (example)

File Name: EarthSoft.Reports.Library.111561.dll

Dependencies: N/A

Software: EQuIS Professional and EQuIS Enterprise

Source: EQuIS Professional install

Language: English

Output Type: Excel1


Description: The Action Level Exceedance Format III Report generates cross-tabbed analytic results with or without action level exceedances. The row headers are chemical_name (Analyte), report_result_unit (Units), report_result_limit (Limits), and action levels if selected. Its column headers are SYS_LOC_CODE (Station ID), SYS_SAMPLE_CODE (Sample ID), MATRIX_CODE (Matrix), SAMPLE_DATE (Sample Date). This allows you to add lab_qualifiers after results and export RT_QUALIFIER.REMARK as a footnote.


Installation Instructions: This report assembly is part of the EQuIS Professional installation. No additional installation steps are necessary.



Two types of action level comparisons are possible.


1.The first is to compare each of the action level values of selected action level codes to a result where the Action Level\Select action level comparison method\All parameter is selected.

2.The second is when the Action Level\Select action level comparison method\First and/or min of the rest parameter is selected, the report compares the action level value of the first action level code to a result, and continues to compare the minimum of the action level values of the rest of the action level codes to the result if the result is not flagged to the first action level. It is a class report and obtains source data using the Analytical Results II Report.


The Action Level Exceedance Format III Report uses the same tables as the Analytical Results II Report, in addition to the following tables: DT_ACTION_LEVEL,



This report features an option to select an Excel template with customized titles and notes (example: ALEF3_template.xlsx). Note the template file must be placed at ...\My EQuIS Work\ folder or uploaded to DT_FILE. The insert_from_here must be populated in a cell of Column A of the template file so that the report will insert cross- tabbed results from the row the insert_from_here is at. If including action levels with this report, an ActionLevelFormats.xlsx must be stored in DT_FILE (uploaded via Docs & Photos Form). When this is missing, the action level list will be empty.


Warning: Do not enter a file name into the Template/File Name parameter if no template file is used.



Report Parameters


Parameter section for selecting individual locations, location groups and whether to use DT_GEOGRAPHY for coordinates.


Section for selecting sample related parameters.


Section for selecting test related parameters.


Section for selecting result related parameters.


Section for adding up to 3 header lines of text.


Section for adding up to 2 footer lines of text.


Section for adding up to 5 note lines of text.

Output Type

Output type parameter: xls, xlsx, pdf


True | False parameter for including a watermark

Action Level

Action Level(s)

Select one or more action levels.

Enter a multiplier for all action level limits

Multiplier for action levels. Default value is 1.

Display exceedances Only

True | False parameter for only displaying exceedances.

Use action level units

True | False parameter for using action level units.


Comparison operator

Select an operator: <, <=, >, >=

Limit summed action levels

True | False parameter to limit summed action levels.

Use non-detects

True | False paramter to use non-detects

Columns per page for pdf

Parameter for setting column limit for pdf files

Rows per page for pdf

Parameter for setting row limit for pdf files

* This table shows partially expanded parameters. Refer to related report articles for complete input parameter lists (e.g. Analytical Results II.)


** The Additional Fields parameter may be customized as explained in the help article How To Customize Additional Fields Parameter.


*** This report contains hidden parameters: Matrix code for groundwater and Enter the max decimal place for the results of the report



1Excel report output requires a valid license of Microsoft Excel to view the output.