Invalid Login - Cannot Insert Value NULL into Column "Owner"

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Invalid Login - Cannot Insert Value NULL into Column "Owner"

An invalid login error may occur in certain scenarios when connecting to a SQL Database such as after a database upgrade or move where the user names were preserved, but the full permissions were not properly preserved.


An example of this error may be the following.


Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'owner', table 'tempdb.dbo.#Databases'

column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails.


To resolve the error, have the Database Administrator (DBA) complete the following steps.


1.Login to SQL Server Management Studio using Windows Authentication.

2.Execute the query below.


SELECT suser_sname(sid) as DBOwner, * from master.sys.sysdatabases


3.Make a note of each EQuIS Database that returns NULL in the first column (DBOwner).

4.For each EQuIS Database where DBOwner = null (from first column of first query), run the following statements, substituting the name of the database for [db name] and the name of the appropriate SQL User account for [sql user] as shown here.


Use [db name];
EXEC sp_changedbowner '[sql user]';