Intelligent Bar

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Intelligent Bar

The intelligent bar is a real time log of EDGE activity. Information regarding EDGE and the current open tab are displayed. It is located in the lower section of the mian application screen.




EDGE application messages


Any problems detected during EDGE start up

Currently used format

Currently opened EDD

EDD saving status

EDD opening status (duration, any possible errors)

Change in location filter

Information about the selected location


EDGE data tab messages


Data errors detected for edited values

Data type and field EDP information about edited values




The intelligent bar can be hidden using the Application Options.

The intelligent bar can be re-sized vertically by dragging on its top edge or horizontally by dragging on its left edge.


Note: EDGE will persist with the size of the intelligent bar the next time the application is run.


Intelligent Bar Logs


EDGE can be configured to create a log file of the Intelligent Bar messages.


1.Open EDGE Options

2.In the Logging section, set Intelligent Bar to True.


The Intelligent Bar will be updated to show [Logging to file is enabled].


A unique file will be created in the main EDGE folder (i.e. \EDGE\IntelligentBar). The logging file will be saved with a date stamp: YYYY-MM-DD