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EDGE Options

Many EDGE properties can be customized. To access the EDGE Options screen, click the EDGE symbol at the upper left corner to open the Application menu and then click Options at the bottom right of the menu.




Application Options


The EDGE Options menu offers access to many features, as shown in the tables below:



Active Control/Cell color

Color used to highlight active cell.

Color Scheme

Allows users to switch predefined color scheme. Useful in outdoor light conditions or to improve text readability.

Custom Color Blend

Allows users to switch to custom color schemes.

EDGE Title Bar Name

Allows users to set the name for the EDGE title bar, located at the top of screen.



Display time in COC Information date fields

Shows the time associated with Date/Time fields in the COC. This feature honors the "Autofill Time with current time" or "Autofill time with default time" settings, whichever is used.

Fill COC details from the previous COC

If set to True, it auto-populates the fields in COC details when creating a new COC.

Include Location Information in COC & eCOC

When set, the location information are included in the eCOC export with the sample information

Show field MAGS on COC

Allows inclusion of Field MAGS on their COCs. This is useful for sending data to Field Labs.

Show SPM MAG Description

Displays an additional description information in grids and forms.


Database Connection

Enable EQuIS Database Connection

When enabled, EDGE will connect to an EQuIS database to access reference values, rather than using an exported reference value file (rvf).

Ignore Default Facility

When enabled, EDGE will ignore any default facilities specified in the EQuIS Login screen.

Use Network Licenses

Enable network license use.


EDD Backup

Backup Amount

Number of backup files to be saved; at 0 will save to a new file each time.

Backup Interval (in minutes)

The interval in minutes for the EDD to be saved to the backup folders. Values less than or equal to zero disable the auto save feature.

Backup One

The additional folder for EDD backup. Recommended to be located on the same HDD as EDGE.

Backup Two

The additional folder for EDD backup. Recommended to be located on removable external storage device (USB drive, CF, SD Card, etc).

Save current EDD

during Backup

Save current EDD in its primary location while saving to backup folders.


EDD Options

Default EDD Save Type

Sets the default file type for saving the EDD.

Sign & Submit Save Only

When enabled, the Sign and Submit tool will save the EDD as a .zip and remove the requirement for a username and password required to create the User Certificate. The User Certificate is required for Enterprise email submissions.

Simple Save Dialog

Enables simplified file save dialogue.

Task Code Required

Provides the option for non-SPM users to disable the requirement for Task-code.

Template File

Location of the template file.

Template File Enabled

Determines if the template file feature is to be used.


Note: If the template feature is enabled, but the location is not specified, EDGE will look for the template file in the current format folder/folder zip file. Expected template name is EddTemplate {xsl, xsls, zip}.


EDP Export

Attach Forms to S&S

as Images

If set to True, a copy of each form will be attached to the EDD as an image file during the Sign and Submit step.

Default Image Type

for Forms

Allows users to specify an image type for Forms exported from EDGE and attached to the EDD (e.g., COC, FieldSampleForm).

Export locations with field data only

Locations will only be exported from EDGE if there are Sample, WaterLevel, Well Installation, Activity or other data entered for that location. For SPM data this means the date field should be populated. For non-SPM data, a record should be present.



Warning: If only a location is created, and no child data is created, the location will not be exported from EDGE and imported into the database.



Field EDP

Use EDP time format

When set, uses time formatting as defined in the format file. Otherwise, uses HH:mm time formatting.


File Attachment

Auto-renaming Attached Files

When set, it automatically renames newly attached files in the file manager.

Date Format for Auto-renamed Files

Date format used for auto-renaming file attachments for Activities.

Exported Image Size

When set, it defines the resolution of exported images.


Form Printing

Control border hiding

Removes all borders from controls when printing.

Control feature hiding

Removes any drop-downs from controls when printing.

Make control black white

Makes the control back and white removing any background gray or colors.

Print Quality

Sets the quality of the printed forms.


Geo Wizard

Classification Delimiter

Delimiter string used to separate GeoWizard values stored in the classification field.

Enable GeoWizard

from Classification

Lets you decide if the GeoWizard dialogue should open upon clicking on the Classification cell in the Lithology Field tab.

List Count

Specifies the number of columns visible in each screen of the GeoWizard.


Image tabs

File Types

Image file types supported.

Size: Fit to screen

When set to true, images will (by default) be resized to fit the screen.


Label Printing for Bottles


Default Barcode Type

for Labels

Allows users to specify if OneD or TwoD barcodes will be used.


Location Chooser

Enable Column Filters

Determines if column filtering should be enabled when EDGE is started.

Filter By Selection

Determines if filtering by selection should be enabled when EDGE is started.

Lock Filtered by Selection

Prevents the user from selecting the check/uncheck Filtered by Selection check box.



Intelligent Bar

Further information regarding Logging is available in Intelligent Bar Logging.

EDGE Error Logging

Enables logging of EDGE errors. Logs will be located in the EDGE Log folder.



Autofill Behavior

Determines which event triggers the Autofill Date/Time feature. Three options are available:

OnClick – Will autofill the date and time of the cell that user selected.

OnNewRow – Will autofill all of the time and date fields in the new row when user creates a row.

Both – Whenever a user clicks on the date or time cell or creates new row, EDGE automatically fills the cell with chosen value.

Autofill Date/Time Fields

A DateTime field will be populated with today's date and time when it is clicked on both the grid and the form. Feature disabled when Touch UI is enabled. The date and time are stored together in a single object (DateTime). Thus, there will always be a date component when the time is set and vise versa.

Autofill Time with default time

If populated with a valid time (in 24-hour format), all Time fields in EDGE will be auto-populated with the specified time. The date and time are stored together in a single object (DateTime). Thus, there will always be a date component when the time is set and vise versa.

AutoFit on Print

AutoFit the Field Results table on Print and EDP Export

Autosize Widths in Tabs

When enabled, and after restarting EDGE, all column widths will automatically be resized to fit the text in that cell. The column size will be adjusted after tabbing or clicking away from that cell.

COC Mag filter saving

Save last filter that is used while adding MAGs to the COC.

COC Mag filter string

The string which is the last saved filter.

Enable Task Code Generation

Auto generates task_code.

Fill Sampler with Visits form

Choose whether or not to use the Visits Form to fill in Sampler.

Recall Last Used Format File

When enabled, EDGE will automatically re-open the last format on each start. Recommended for single-format users.

Save Autofill values

When enabled, the values entered into Auto-Fill will be remembered the next time EDGE is used.

Show Error if it is SPM

When enabled, will display warnings (highlight tabs) for errors associated with SPM required tasks.

Show field results mapping dialog

Displays a results to sample mapping dialog when the field result logger import is used.




Auto increment logger import time

Allows user to automatically increment time in the Field Result table when the time received from the sensor is the same as an existing record. Since seconds are not recognized, this is relevant when logger records have the same minute but different seconds.

Import without Remap

Imports even when remapping does not occur.

Use Secondary Sensor's Delay

During purging procedures in the field, an average time is calculated based on the purged volume and the purging rate. The resulting calculated time is used to setup further the intervals when field parameters are collected through field probes.


Shape File Synchronization

Autosync GPS Map Shape Files

Whether or not to synchronize shape files automatically when the GPS dialog is opened.

GPS Map's EDD File Title

Title to use to find EDD files on server.

GPS Map's Shape File Title

Title to use to find shape GPS Map dialog files on server.

MAP name

Current MAP/custom map sub folder name.

Server Address

The URI for the server to download Shape Files.

Server Password

The password that allows you to connect to the server.

Server User Name

The username that allows you to connect to the server.

Shape file ID

The ID returned by the server associated to the current shape file map.


Task Chooser

Filter location by task

Determines if filtering location by task should be enabled when EDGE is started.


User Interface


If set to True, the number of parameters (columns) in each section of the Forms will change as the size of EDGE changes. If set to False, the feature is OFF and no more than two columns will be displayed. If the size of EDGE does not have sufficient space to display two columns, only one column of parameters will be displayed.

Ctrl & F4 Form closing

When enabled, the key combination <Ctrl-F4> will close the currently selected tab.

Display Tool Tips

Tool Tips are displayed on forms and tables.

Flag Errors On Change

Flag errors while typing, rather than waiting for you to exit the cell.

Include Close Tab Button

If set to True, allows user to close tabs individually.

Lock Table Columns

When enabled, table columns are locked in place and cannot be moved.

Max Sample Table Form Rows

Controls how many rows of data will display in the table at any given time on SampleTableForm.

Minimize Ribbon

Determines if the EDGE Ribbon is to be minimized by default on each application start up.

Move Historical Tab

When enabled, the HISTORICAL DTW tab will automatically move to the lower section of the WATER LEVELS tab. This will only function if HISTORICAL DTW is turned on by the Show/Hide Tabs chooser and is in the same tab group as the WATER LEVEL tab.

Reproduce Error Sounds

Error sounds produced (if configured to do so).

Row Height

Grid row height in pixels. Value of 0 assumes default setting.

Show Intelligent Bar

When enabled, the Intelligent Bar at the bottom of the screen is visible.

Show linked sample modification warnings

Shows warnings when modifying a sample row updates a linked sample table row.

Show Task and

Location Chooser

Determines the visibility of the Task and Location Chooser on the left-hand side of the screen.

Touch UI

Determines if Touch UI is to be used for data entry.

Touch UI Opacity

Range: 0 - 100. Allows Touch UI interface to be partially transparent, as per user needs.

Touch UI Page Search

Shows Touch UI search screen for item lists with page count equal or greater to the defined value.

Use GPS Map Location Chooser

Sets the location chooser to use a map interface and GPS to facilitate searching for locations.


Working Folders

COC Export Folder

The folder where the COC will be saved.

COC Template Folder

The folder from where COC templates are obtained.


The folder where EDDs are located and saved.

EDD Export Folder

The folder where EDP Export files are saved.

Error Config Data Folder

Folder containing sound files for error configuration.

Field Summary Template Folder

The folder from where Field Summary Template are obtained.

Format Folder

The folder with EDGE client formats.

Forms and Field Summary Export

The folder where Forms and Field Summary are exported.

Image Folder

The folder where the Photo Manager looks for files.

MAP Autoload EDD Folder

Folder containing EDDs for autoload using ArcGIS Map Layers.

MAP Cache Folder

Folder containing database for cached map tiles.

Print Config Data Folder

Folder containing files for print config images.

Sensor Folder

The folder with sensor support files.