Group Maintenance-RT_MTH_ANL_GROUP_MEMBER.STATUS_FLAG in Reports

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Group Maintenance-RT_MTH_ANL_GROUP_MEMBER.STATUS_FLAG in Reports

Affected Software/Reports/DLL(s): EQuIS Professional


Affected Software Version: N/A


Symptoms: Setting a RT_MTH_ANL_GROUP_MEMBER field's STATUS_FLAG to R does not filter Method Analyte Group (MAG) members from the Analytical Results II Report.


Cause/Details: The RT_MTH_ANL_GROUP_MEMBER table contains a STATUS_FLAG column, but according to the SQL query for the standard Analytical Results II Report, STATUS_FLAG is not filtered from the parameters. This is by design. The primary function of status flags is related to importing approved EDD data with approved reference values.


Resolution/Workaround: The Analytical Results II Report contains the RT_MTH_ANL_GROUP_MEMBER.STATUS_FLAG field in the Extra Fields Parameter. Adding this to the report parameter selection will allow filtering of the report output based on MAG member Status Flag.


An additional suggestion is to move the rows in question to another MAG. As a result, the rows will not be deleted and will not be included in the Analytical Results II Report output.