Excel - Unable to Convert ultraGrid.GetDataSource to DataTable

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Excel - Unable to Convert ultraGrid.GetDataSource to DataTable

Microsoft Excel is one of several export options from the reporting grid in EQuIS Professional prior to exporting data to Microsoft Excel from the EQuIS Professional Reporting tools. The end-user must first run the report by selecting the parameters, and then clicking on the green Go arrow in the report ribbon. If the Microsoft Excel Export button is selected prior to clicking Go, the error shown below may occur.


Error Message


An error has occurred in EarthSoft.Reports, Version=

System.Exception: Unable to convert ultraGrid.DataSource to DataTable


 at EarthSoft.Common.Forms.UltraGrids.GetDataViewFromGrid(UltraGrid



 at EarthSoft.Reports.ReportGrid.get_DataView()


 at EarthSoft.Reports.ReportGrid.SendToExcel(UltraGrid ultraGrid, Form