EDGE Format Files Descriptions

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EDGE Format Files Descriptions

The out-of-the-box EDGE format includes several files in the .\EDGE\Formats\EDGE folder. Some of these files are unencrypted and may be modified to customize the EDGE format. The EDGE.xse format is encrypted and should not be modified to ensure EDGE functionality is not compromised.


For using the EDGE format in EDP, the following files must be present together in the same folder or within a ZIP file:







Using all of the files found in .\EDGE\Formats\EDGE folder, either zipped or unzipped, will also work for loading the EDGE format in Professional EDP or adding the EDGE format to an Enterprise site (see Adding or Modifying Enterprise EDD Formats).


Some of these files are described in detail below:



Reference Value File (RVF) - includes the reference values (valid values or lookup values) for use with EDGE. Generate or re-generate this file from an EQuIS database using instructions in Create a Reference Value File.



Main EDGE format file, encrypted, containing built-in EDGE sections. When loading a format in EDGE or EDP, this file should be used. Other format files can be loaded as needed.



Enumeration file for the operation of EDGE. Can be used to define new or modify existing enumerations (lists of values used as lookup lists). One can modify this file using the EDGE Configuration Plugin Tool.



Configuration file for custom captions, default values, custom lookups, custom required fields, etc. Change these settings using the EDGE Configuration Plugin Tool.



Plugin format file. Because the EDGE format file is encrypted, users are unable to decrypt it to add custom data sections. To simplify the customization process, this format file was created for users to add their own sections with ease.


Read Create Custom Forms for suggestions on how to create or customize EDD sections in this file.



A dummy enumeration file necessary for the EDGE plugin mechanism to function. Note that it is important not to modify this file. Any alteration will compromise the functionality of EDGE.