How Do I Rotate the Model View?

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How Do I Rotate the Model View?

Sometimes study areas do not fit neatly within a rectangular area aligned with due north. EnviroInsite allows the model area to be rotated by selecting View> Options from the main menu and setting the Display Rotate value. The rotation angle is specified in degrees-clockwise from due north. Once set, the program will plot objects with the coordinates rotated by the specified amount about the origin (0,0). Shapefiles, Azure Maps, WMS map objects, and images with world files will be automatically drawn in the rotated coordinates.  


A video on rotating the model view is available here.


Known Limitations


1.The contents of CAD files must be rotated externally to EnviroInsite.  

2.Non-data entities (circles, images, rectangles, text, etc.) will not be moved in response to changes in the Model View rotation angle. Therefore, they should be drawn after rotating the model display.

3.Rectangle-draw features to modify WMS, or Azure Maps will not work properly since the rectangle for these features must be drawn in the unrotated coordinates.

4.Rectangle-draw features to modify the rectangle query coordinates will not work properly since these are indicated relative to the original coordinates.

5.When the rotation value is changed, existing data-dependent objects on the screen will automatically be redrawn in the new rotated coordinate system.