How Do I Create a Key Map?

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How Do I Create a Key Map?

A key map is typically a small map at a large (regional) scale that shows the location of a local view in the current window. EnviroInsite does not have an option to generate a key map. However, a key map can be manually generated by creating an image of the map at a regional scale, zooming in, and then pasting the regional map.


Follow these instructions to create a key map.


1.Create the overview map. Be sure to include a red rectangle for the local area that you want in your final map.  

2.Export the contents of this first tab as an image file (File> Export> Image).  

3.Zoom in to the local area that you want to display in your final map.

4.Add additional features that you only want to see at the local scale.  

5.Insert the image created in Step 2 (Insert> Image). The image will be imported at the original scale, so you will need to reduce its size and move it around.

6.Double-click on the inserted image to open the properties dialog box.

7.Check the Movable check box and reduce the Width value.  

8.Click the OK button.

9.Drag the overview map to the desired location. You may also need to edit the map properties again to change the image width to get it to the final size.

In some cases, you might want the key map in the Layouts view. Follow Steps 1 and 2, then open or create a layout view.