Facility Administration

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Facility Administration

A new facility can be created using the Facility Form as shown here. On the Facility Form it is possible to edit facility information, address, contact Information, and GIS settings.


Multiple facilities can be loaded into EQuIS as an EDD using the Facility format. Facility information can also be added or edited in the DT_FACILITY table.


Name Field


Use the Name field under Facility Information for a more descriptive name to be associated with the facility. The facility Code only allows 20 characters, whereas the facility Name allows 60 characters. This facility Name is updated to the DT_FACILITY.FACILITY_NAME table. Once logged into EQuIS, the EQuIS Login window displays both FACILITY_CODE and FACILITY_NAME. If no facility Name exists, only the facility Code is displayed.


Coordinate Identifier and Coordinate Type


The Coordinate Identifier and Coordinate Type fields under GIS settings are associated with the DT_COORDINATE table. These fields are required for almost all EQuIS Professional exports, and must be populated.


Click Save when Facility Form editing is completed.