Session Facility Chooser

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Session Facility Chooser

The Session Facility Chooser is indicated with the facility Ent-Facility_Chooser_Icon icon on the dashboard header. If a facility is selected, the facility name will be displayed next to this icon. When a facility is chosen in the Session Facility Chooser, all widgets on the dashboard will update for the selected facility and all widgets and reports on the dashboard will update to use the selected facility at runtime. If a default facility is set for the dashboard, the Session Facility Chooser and facility name will not be displayed. Selecting the facility name or the facility Ent-Facility_Chooser_Icon icon on the current dashboard header will open the Facility Chooser, where the user can choose a different facility or facility group for the session.


User Session


To understand the Session Facility Chooser, it is important to first understand the concept of "session." In EQuIS Enterprise, a session is a period of time within which a user logs into the application and uses the application within the same browser tab. For example, if a user opens a browser tab, logs into EQuIS Enterprise, and views the Explorer dashboard—the user is within a session. If the user switches to the Notices dashboard within the same browser tab, then the user is still within the same session. However, if the user opens a second browser tab, the user is now in a second session. Each browser tab has its own unique session; each dashboard viewed within the same browser tab shares the same session. Logging out or closing the browser tab will end the session.


When viewing a dashboard, the application uses the following logic to determine the session facility:

If a facility is already selected within the same session (i.e., browser tab), then navigating to a different dashboard will automatically use the selected facility.

When the user first begins a new session (e.g., login in a new browser tab), the Session Facility Chooser will default to the user's Default Facility (see below).


User's Default Facility


When a user logs into EQuIS Enterprise, the application determines the default facility using the logic described below. The default facility is only computed upon login (not on every page request). Opening a dashboard or changing the user preference will not apply until the next session.


a.If the value is null, proceed to Step 2.

b.If the value is a FACILITY_ID, use this as the default (assuming user has permission to this facility).

c.If the value is -1, the user specifically does not want to use a default facility (aka stop here, do not proceed in the logic, and do not use a default facility).

2.Look in ST_RECENT for the most recently used facility:

a.If a facility is found in ST_RECENT (for this user), use it as default.

b.If no facility is found in ST_RECENT (for this user), proceed to Step 3.

3.Find the maximum FACILITY_ID in DT_FACILITY for which the user has at least Viewer permission:

a.If user has permission to at least one facility, then use it as default.

b.If user does not have permission to any facility, there is no default.



Default Facility Setting at the Dashboard Level


While in Edit mode, a dashboard can be set to to have a default facility or facility group by selecting the Dashboard Facility check box on the dashboard header. Once a default facility is set for the dashboard, the Session Facility Chooser and facility name will no longer be displayed on the dashboard.