Enterprise 7 to 7 Upgrade on Azure

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Enterprise 7 to 7 Upgrade on Azure

This article describes a method to update EQuIS Enterprise 7 on Azure. Due to the flexibility and configurability of Microsoft Azure Web Apps, there may be other methods that can be used to update an Enterprise Installation.



Please read this entire article carefully and plan appropriately before beginning.

This article is for clients that are upgrading an existing Enterprise 7 website in a Microsoft Azure environment.

This article assumes a working knowledge of the management and configuration of Azure Web Apps.

This article assumes a one-to-one relationship between the database and the Web App (i.e., one database connected to one Web App) and does not apply to a Web App configured for multiple databases.

Prior to upgrading, please review the release notes for hardware and software requirements and additional release information.



Upgrade Instructions


The EQuIS Enterprise 7 download links are available for download at the EarthSoft Community Center.

1.Go to the Web App in the Azure portal on https://portal.azure.com/.

2.Stop the Web App.

3.Delete the Web Job.

4.Open the Advanced Tools console (KUDU) through Development Tools > Advanced Tools, or go to https://webappname.scm.azurewebsites.net.

5.In the drop-down Debug Console > CMD, go to the equislogs folder. Delete all the logs either manually or by running the following script:

D:\home\equislogs> del *

D:\home\equislogs\*,  Are you sure (Y/N)? Y

6.Browse to the Formats folder, and delete the "release" formats (usually the EarthSoft folder, EDGE folder, COLLECT_INSPECTION.zip, etc.).

7.Browse to the installation folder (e.g., .\site\wwwroot\) and delete all the files using the following command:

D:\home\site\wwwroot> del /S /F /Q *

8.Delete the individual folders.

9.Download the pcp version of the EQuIS Enterprise installation file from the EarthSoft Community Center (e.g., EQuIS_Enterprise_7.21.1_pcp.zip). Unblock the file but do NOT unzip this file.

10.Extract the application:

a.In the Azure web portal, open the KUDU Console > click Debug console > CMD > navigate to D:\home\site\wwwroot.

b.Drag the EQuIS_Enterprise_7.21.1_pcp.zip file from your machine and drop it between the text console and the folders to begin uploading it. Be careful not to drop the ZIP file over the Size column or the page will automatically unzip, which may cause issues. An uploading progress icon will appear above to the right. After the file finishes uploading, the zip file is present in the site folder.

c.Run the following command to unzip the Enterprise package, replacing {filename} to match the Enterprise ZIP file name. The cp command will copy the Formats folder to the root directory.

unzip -o {filename} -d D:\home\site\wwwroot

(e.g., unzip -o EQuIS_Enterprise_7.21.1_pcp.zip -d D:\home\site\wwwroot)

d.Copy the Formats to the folder.

cp -rfv D:\home\site\wwwroot\Formats D:\home\  


Note: The D:\home\site\wwwroot\ directory should have the base structure of an Enterprise install (web.config, bin directory, deploy directory, etc.).


11.After the file has completed unzipping, restart the Web App.

12.Navigate to the website.

13.Login using an account with Administrator privileges.

14.Deploy by appending “action=deploy” to the URL.

15.For additional configurations see Enterprise Azure Configuration Options.