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EarthSoft Community Center

EarthSoft provides many free resources to help our clients learn more about EQuIS. The EarthSoft Community Center (ECC) provides access to many EQuIS product and support resources. The ECC is an EarthSoft Enterprise website that is separate from client Enterprise sites and requires a separate user account. Create a free account, and then navigate to one of the available resource dashboards.




EQuIS applications and modules are available for download from the Products folder. The dashboard also contains libraries of Collect templates, Alive surveys, action level files, example EDDs, and Enterprise dashboards as well as other resources.


If you have access to the Downloads dashboard, all files associated with a new build of EQuIS can be identified and downloaded following these steps:


On the Downloads dashboard,

Click the "Advanced File Search" button.

In the "filename" field enter the name of the current build (e.g., 7.20.4 or just 20.4).

Click the "Search" button to display results, and at the bottom of the table of results, expand the number of rows to 50 or 100.



Data Dictionary


Browse the Data Dictionary to gain insight on the EQuIS Schema. Review table and field descriptions. Examine details, such as field type and length, as well as requirements and parent-table relationships. The Data Dictionary is searchable and browsable.



Discussion Forum


Ask questions and engage in dialogue on EQuIS applications with other EQuIS users. Subscribe to specific topics or forum tags and receive real-time notifications. Track EarthSoft announcements and updates and make EQuIS feature requests.



EarthSoft Training Resources


Learn EQuIS with EQuIS On-Demand Training courses and training exercises for many EQuIS applications. On-Demand Training courses are one to two hours in length. Work through each course at your own pace (easily start, stop, pause, rewind or re-visit lectures). On-demand course topics are divided into sections on the EarthSoft Training Resources dashboard. If you are new to EQuIS, we recommend starting with the Introduction to EQuIS section. Users may move through sections in any order (or independently).



EarthSoft Video Library


Explore a variety of EarthSoft video resources. Our entire video collection can be accessed from the EarthSoft Office Hour Video dashboard. Link to the Office Hour Screencast Channel and view all the Office Hours videos in one place. Additionally, videos are organized into a variety of playlists based on topic.