EnviroInsite Report Installation

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EnviroInsite Report Installation

This documentation describes the installation of reports that can be run from either EQuIS Professional or EQuIS Enterprise and utilize functionality from EnviroInsite. As of the release of EQuIS 7, these reports may be used to generate graphics such as a piper diagram or a boring log. The report code is contained in EarthSoft.Reports.Library.EnviroInsite.dll.


To have access to run the reports in EQuIS Professional, the file EarthSoft.Reports.Library.EnviroInsite.dll should reside within the EQuIS Professional application folder. Most commonly, that would be at C:\Program Files\EarthSoft\EQuIS or (for per-user installation) %localappdata%\Programs\EarthSoft\EQuIS\ or C:\Program Files (X86)\EarthSoft\EQuIS. For Enterprise users, this dll file and a set of other dll files on which the report is dependent (see below) should be installed in the Enterprise bin folder.


Each report provides the user with the standard EQuIS interface parameter controls. Output is either to PDF or SVG files, depending on the report.


EQuIS Professional


Before attempting to run one of the EnviroInsite reports in EQuIS Professional, check that the EarthSoft.Reports.Library.EnviroInsite.dll file is present in the EQuIS application folder. Next, install EnviroInsite or copy the dependent files to the EQuIS application folder. The preferred method is to install EnviroInsite. The EnviroInsite installation file is available at the EarthSoft Community Center for registered members. You must be a licensed user of EnviroInsite to run these reports. Check with sales@earthsoft.com for more information. Be sure to select either the x64 or x86 version of EnviroInsite that is consistent with the bitness of the EQuIS Professional from which the report(s) will be run.


EQuIS Enterprise


The server running the Enterprise site should have the EnviroInsite Prerequisite Programs installed. Installing EnviroInsite on the server should install these prerequisites automatically.


To run EnviroInsite reports from EQuIS Enterprise EZView widgets, additional files must be added to the Enterprise bin folder.


Starting in Build of EQuIS, the required files are packaged (EnviroInsite_Enterprise_package_{x64}.zip) and available on the EarthSoft Community Center Downloads Dashboard (All Items\Products\EnviroInsite\(year)). Backup the /bin folder before adding the files within the package, as several files will be overwritten. Also remember to unblock the package before use.


Starting in Build 7.21.3 of EQuIS, the EnviroInsite_Enterprise_package_{x64_#}.zip file is a deployment package that when appropriately run will place all the necessary DLL files in the Enterprise /bin folder, publish the example XML boring log template files, and create a standard Boring Logs dashboard with a Boring Log widget and a Filter-Map widget. Complete the following steps for proper deployment and setup:

1.Download the EnviroInsite_Enterprise_package_{x64_#}.zip file from the ECC and unblock the file.

2.Place the zip file in the Enterprise /deploy directory.

3.Run the deployment process by logging in as an administrator and changing the URL to /Default.aspx?action=deploy.

4.Using EQuIS Professional, publish the EarthSoft.Reports.Library.EnviroInsite.dll file. The file can be found in the Enterprise /bin folder.

5.Navigate to the new Boring Logs dashboard.

6.Edit the Boring Logs widget by configuring an EnviroInsite Boring Logs report with appropriate parameters and an XML template.