Using the Same EQuIS Format File Repeatedly

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Using the Same EQuIS Format File Repeatedly

EDP has a setting (RecallLastUsedFormatFile) to open the Format File used in the previous session.


RecallLastUsedFormatFile defaults to Yes. To change this option:

1.In EDP, click the EDP button EDP_Icon or File.

2.Click the Options button (bottom left-hand side of drop-down). The EDP Options window will open.

3.Click General folder to expand. Under the Application section, the option RecallLastUsedFormatFile will be displayed.

4.Click on Yes, a drop-down button will appear.

5.Click the drop-down button and select No.


Tip: If RecallLastUsedFormatFile is set to Yes and the specified format file is not available or cannot be found, a warning message appears and prompts the user to select a different Format File.


Once a Reference Values File and Format File have been successfully opened, EDP is ready to load and check a data file.


To change the RecallLastUsedFormatFile without opening EDP, complete the steps below.

1.Navigate to C:\Users\[YourUser]\AppData\Local\EarthSoft,_Inc.

2.Open the most recent EQuIS\EDP folder.

3.Open the user.config file in a text editor.

4.Edit the section name="LastFormatFile" and remove the format name to look as shown here.


<setting name="LastFormatFile" serializeAs="String">

               <value>C:\Program Files\EarthSoft\EQuIS\Formats\EarthSoft\ [Remove Format name e.g. EQEDD]</value>



5. The next time EDP is opened, you will be prompted to select a Format File.