The Log for the Database is Not Available

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The Log for the Database is Not Available



When working with data or configuring my database, the following error is received:


"The log for database '<database name>' is not available. Check the event log for any related error messages. Resolve any errors and restart the database."


Why is this happening, and how can this error be resolved?




In some instances when this error occurred, it was related to the database log files. It may be possible that the log files are getting locked in another process (such as an AntiVirus software). To address this issue, first try adding *.ldf to the virus protection excluded files list.


Additionally, on occasion, the log file for a SQL database can become unusable, especially if the database has been detached and reattached in the past. In order to resolve this error, close EQuIS and create a new log file for the database by doing the following:


1.Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Expand Databases, right-click on the database you are using and select Properties.

2.Select the Files page. Click the Add button and give the new file the appropriate name (i.e., <database name>_Log). Set the file type to "Log".

3.Select the Options page. Set Recovery mode to Simple and under Other Options > Automatic, set Auto Shrink to True.

4.Apply the changes.

5.Restart SQL Server and re-launch EQuIS.


For more information about adding log files to a database please refer to the MSDN Library.