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The EDP Data section provides the user several options for managing and reviewing data within EDP.






Add New Row

Add new row, will add a new EDD row to the current EDD section.

Copy Row(s)

This function will copy the row highlighted by the user.

Set as Comment Row

This option will set the current highlighted row to a comment row by adding the comment indicator to the first field within the row.


Provides the user with several options for clearing data within EDP.

  Clear Table

Clears all records in the current table.

  Clear EDD

Clears the complete EDD. (All Tables)

  Clear Package

Available in EDP Professional, the Clear Packageoption allows users to clear the package generated on the create process.

  Clear All

Clears all EDP data in both the tables and the packages.


The refresh button allows the user to refresh the records in EDP to see if new errors are generated.

  Refresh Selected Row(s)

This option will refresh the selected rows (Keystroke: Ctrl+F5)

  Refresh Table

This option will refresh the current EDD table. This option is good for refreshing medium to larger EDDs. (Keystroke: F5)

  Refresh All

This option will refresh All Tables and sections within the current EDD set. This option is best used for small to medium EDDs. (Keystroke: Shift+F5)


The find menu provides the user with several options for finding data within the EDD, finding and replacing data as well as giving access to Remap options.


Sort provides the user with an A -> Z or the reverse, Z -> A sort options.