Set Comment Row

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Set Comment Row

Set as Comment Row


Sometimes data files are provided with the first two rows listing the column names and format descriptions.


These non-data rows should be coded as a Comment Row as they do not contain actual sample data. This is done by placing a # at the beginning of the row or by clicking the Set As Comment Row button EDP_Set-Comment-Row_Icon on the toolbar. If this has not been done, the row may be highlighted and then a right mouse click will bring up the option for EDP to set the row as a comment row.


Other comment row indicators may be used by changing the CommentIndicator value specified in the General Options, available by clicking on the EDP button in the top-left corner of EDP, and then selecting Options.


Show Comment Rows


Toggle Comment Row visibility by checking/unchecking the Comment Rows icon in the View group on the ribbon.


Show Errors Only


Toggle the visibility of records with errors by using the Show Errors check box in the View group on the ribbon. When checked, rows without errors will be removed from view until all errors are cleared.