Find and Replace

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Find and Replace

When  the Allow Editing feature has been enabled, use the Find and Replace functions located under the Data group in the ribbon. This activates a standard Find and Replace dialog box with selection options.

1.In the "Find what" box, enter the text to be located.

2.To use Replace, enter that text into the "Replace with" box.

3.For both, recent selections are available for reuse under the drop-down arrow.


To focus on a selection of the available rows in a displayed data file tab:

1.Select these rows and use the Within: [Selection] option.

2.Select Within: [Table] for the entire data file screen displayed.

3.Select Within: [All] for all EDD tables open at the time of the edit with data.


Search by: provides options to search by rows or columns.


Additional selectable options include Match Case and/or Match entire cell contents. Use these when looking for an exact match; these eliminate partial matches that can create new errors. For example, when changing a Method from 6010 to SW6010, selecting "Match entire cell contents" will prevent the modification of a Batch ID or Lab QC Sample ID that may also include the text "6010". With this setting, only the method cells containing 6010 as the sole content are selected.

1.Show matches will open a drop-down detail box that will list the matches selected in this detail display area.

2.Replace will replace the items one at a time.

3.Replace All will replace all selected items.


New Feature: The Find and Replace shortcut Ctrl+H now works in filtered rows.


Troubleshooting: Missing Find/Replace Button


The missing buttons are due to the way the Find & Replace window is being rendered. Here are some suggestions to help resolve the issue:

Under Control Panel>Appearance and Personalization>Display, try adjusting the size (options should be 100%, 125% and 150%). In our testing, we found that 125% caused the issue, while 100% and 150% both allowed the buttons to be seen.

If that does not seem to fix the issue, or if it requires you to change the display in a way that does not work well, try editing the following string in the EQuIS.exe.config file:



 <add key="FindReplaceSize" value="800, 400" />



Changing the values in the above screen to larger numbers should increase the size of your Find and Replace window.


Remap Tab


Situations exist where an EQuIS user may be receiving EDDs that were generated using a different set of valid values than exist in the RT_* tables in the EQuIS database. For example, the EDD may define a groundwater matrix as GW, but the EQuIS database may use WG. The user can use the "Find and Replace" screen in EDP to replace all of the incoming values with the correct values. However, there may be many different values (matrices, sample types, test types, ...) that need to be replaced. Manually replacing many values for each EDD can be a tedious and time consuming process.



The RT_REMAP functionality has been enhanced to allow multiple external values to be mapped from a single internal value. To specify multiple external values, use the pipe delimiter ( | ) within the EXTERNAL_VALUE field.

Please ensure that no rows in RT_REMAP with STATUS_FLAG = R have associated rows in RT_REMAP_DETAIL with STATUS_FLAG = A. This condition will result in the following message when opening the Find and Replace window:



An error has occurred in EQuIS, Version= System.ArgumentException: This constraint cannot be enabled as not all values have corresponding parent values.



Bug Fixes


An exception was occurring in EDP when opening the Find and Replace form and the parent record in RT_REMAP had STATUS_FLAG='R' and child records in RT_REMAP_DETAIL had STATUS_FLAG='A'. This has been fixed.


An issue has been fixed so that no exception will occur if the record in RT_REMAP has STATUS_FLAG=R and child records in RT_REMAP_DETAIL have STATUS_FLAG=A. If the parent record does not have STATUS_FLAG=A then it will not show in the remap form.


New Feature: A feature has been added to EDP, allowing the Find and Replace Form to be automatically resized.