Error Logs

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Error Logs

Saving an Error Log

Setting Error Appearance

Recommended Appearance for Row Errors

Recommended Appearance for Cell Errors

Changing the Error Threshold


Once a data file has been loaded into EDP, any data that does not satisfy the checking requirements identified in the Format File is highlighted in the data grid. In addition to denoting the cell and/or row where the error(s) occur in the grid, the line number along the left side of the data grid may be bold text for any line where an error has occurred.


Any section of a format that contains at least one error may also have its name highlighted in bold red text.


Saving an Error Log


When errors in data files must be resolved by someone other than the person checking the data, the error log is a useful tool to communicate the errors occurring in the file.


To save an error log:

1.Click the Error Log button EDP_Error_Log_Icon located in the Error Log group on the Home tab.

2.Enter a file name and click Save.


The log is saved as an HTML file, and opened automatically in the default browser. As an HTML file, the error log retains the cell appearance as shown in the data grid. The error log may also be saved as Excel (.xls, .xlsx), Text (.txt), and XML File (.xml).



Setting Error Appearance


EDP allows the appearance of the cell or row to be set based upon the error that occurred.


To set error appearance options:

1.Click the EDP button EDP_Icon in the top-left or File, and then click the Options button.

2.Expand the folder Appearances.

3.Inside Appearances, expand the Errors.

4.It is possible to further expand Row Errors, Cell Errors, and Custom Errors (Custom Errors are only implemented for specific circumstances in some Format Files).


Note: Changing the appearance of any Custom Errors may not result in any recognizable change in appearance.


Recommended Appearance for Row Errors


The recommended setting for row errors make identification of formats and rows with data errors much easier.


To set the appearance for line numbers:

1.Click Line Number under Row Errors.

2.On the right side of the Options Form in the properties list, expand FontData.

3.Set Bold to True.

4.Set ForeColor to Red.

5.To assign the same appearance to the format name, click Table Name under Row Errors and set the properties as explained for Line Number.


Recommended Appearance for Cell Errors


While many different appearance options are possible, a simple cell background color, different for each error, is recommended for simplicity and readability.


To assign a cell background color for required field cell errors:

1.Select Required Fields under Cell Errors.

2.In the properties list, click BackColor and choose the color of your choice.

3.Set the same property for the cell errors, choosing a different color for each.


Changing the Error Threshold


The default number of errors shown on the error log is 500.


To customize the number of errors shown:

1.Click the EDP button EDP_Icon in the top-left, and then click the Options button.

2.Double-click on General.

3.Change the number of errors in ErrorThreshold.