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The EDP.exe.config file manages application configuration settings for the Standalone edition of EQuIS Data Processor. The default version of this file is included below.


The appSettings remoteFolder, userName, password, updateFrequency and lastUpdate manage an optional feature for clients wishing to distribute updates to the EDP.exe file formats from a central location managed by the client. The feature requires that users have the ability to modify installed programs and files.


EdpAllowEdit provides the ability to prevent users from modifying/editing EDDs. The default value is True. Valid values are "", "True", "False". Add "False" to the entry as seen in the example below to prevent any edits to the data in EDP.

<add key="EdpAllowEdit" value="False"/>


useNetworkLicense determines how the EDP.exe file will search for licenses when opening a format definition. Valid values are as follows:


False (default value): Licenses are assumed to be issued to the workstation and managed in the application's Registration form.

Config: EDP.exe will consume network licenses. A connection string entry is also required between the configSections closing element and the startup opening element. See Configuring Standalone EDP to Use a Network License for step-by-step instructions.



Default Content of EDP.exe.config File


<?xml version="1.0"?>





 <supportedRuntime version="v4.0" sku=".NETFramework,Version=v4.0"/></startup>


         <!-- these values are used for auto update:

                  remoteFolder: the URL to check for updates

                  userName: the username of the EarthSoft client account

                  password: the password of the EarthSoft client account

                  updateFrequency: how often to check for updates:  -1=never; 0=always; X=every X days

                  lastUpdate: the last time auto update was run on this machine


         <add key="remoteFolder" value="http://www.myserver.com/edp/"/>

         <add key="userName" value=""/>

         <add key="password" value=""/>

         <add key="updateFrequency" value="-1"/>

         <add key="lastUpdate" value="1900-01-01 00:00:00"/>


                 useNetworkLicenses: Control the use of local licenses and network licenses.

                         Network licenses are only available when connected to an EQuIS database.

                         The default value is True.  

                         False = do not attempt to consume a network license, licenses must be installed locally

                         True  = Attempt to consume a network license before checking for local licenses.


         <add key="useNetworkLicenses" value="False"/>


         <add key="EdpAllowEdit" value=""/>