Delivery Lab

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Delivery Lab

Use the Delivery Lab field in the COC Manager to indicate which of a contracted lab’s locations is to receive the samples listed in the COC.


To configure this feature, follow the steps below.




1.Open RT_COMPANY in Professional and populate CUSTOM_FIELD_5 with the same value for the main contract lab and any potential delivery labs.




2.Create an updated reference value file (RVF), see Create RVF file for more information.

3.After completing all sampling data, open the COC Manager.

4.In the Lab field, select the contract lab, or the lab planned in SPM.

5.Add samples.

6.Populate the Delivery Lab field.

7.Click Save to finalize the COC.

8.Upon reopening the COC Manager, note the Lab field is now populated with what was in the Delivery Lab field, and the Delivery Lab field is blank.