COC Templates

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COC Templates

EDGE can create Chain of Custody (COC) forms. The export relies on the use of an Excel COC template file to convert data exported from an EDGE Field EDD into a COC form. A template file is supplied by default with EDGE and SPM.


Configure COC Template

The COC Template included with EDGE or SPM can be configured by taking the steps below:


1.Rearrange data fields* on "COC (Pg 1)" worksheet.

2.Update the data mappings and/or settings in the COC Setup Sheet to match changes made in "COC (Pg 1)".


Note:  Columns and/or rows in the "COC (Pg 1)" worksheet should be resized, hidden or unhidden to design the layout of the COC. Columns or rows should not be added or removed because this could cause the file's macros to not populate the cells correctly.


Transfer Customizations to New Template

Occasionally, EarthSoft will fix errors in the standard COC template, typically on the macros that run behind the scenes to populate the COC form. Take advantage of such fixes by migrating your configurations to the new version:


1. Create a copy of the new, standard template.

2. Open both the pre-configured template and the new standard template from Step 1 in Microsoft Excel.

3. In the new template, right-click on the "COC (Pg 1)" worksheet.

4. Select Rename and change the sheet name to "OLD".

5. In the pre-configured template, right-click on the "COC (Pg 1)" worksheet.

6. Select Move or Copy.

7. In the dialogue that opens, choose to place the sheet before the "OLD" sheet found in the new template's workbook. Be sure to check the box at the bottom which reads "Create a copy". Your configured COC page should now appear in the new template.

8. Delete the "OLD" worksheet.

9. In the pre-configured template, copy column B of the "Setup" worksheet.

10. Paste into the same location in the new template.

11. Save changes.


New versions of the standard COC template may also include new fields that may be added to the COC; for example, the option to display preservative data for each container listed on the COC main page. Incorporating these new fields into your COC will require manual configuration of the "COC (Pg 1)" and "Setup" pages as explained previously.