Create Work Request Summary Form

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Create Work Request Summary Form

The Work Request Summary generates a formatted Excel report that has Project and Task information. It summarizes work requested by location and allows the inclusion of comments.


Report Requirements: The Work Request Summary Report requires an Excel template to be published to the database. By default, the report calls for a template file named SPM_Work_Order.xlsx. An example of such a template is included in the SPM install directory at .\Program Files\EarthSoft\SPM\Report Templates\. The file may be uploaded to the database via EQuIS Enterprise or EQuIS Professional.


From the Reports ribbon, select the Work Request Summary button. The SPM - Work Request Summary (parameter) form appears.




The following report parameters are specific to this Work Request Summary Form - Project Information. The example Excel output below shows where the parameter field values belong. Note all the other fields come from the DT_FACILITY record.

1.Requested by: --> Select name from the drop-down list.

2.Request to: --> Select name from the drop-down list.

3.Facility Manager: --> Enter the facility manager's name, if available.

4.Facility Manager's Phone: --> Enter the facility manager's phone, if available.

5.Former Owner: --> Enter the former facility owner's name, if available.

6.Comments: --> Enter up to five comment lines.

7.Deliverable and Due Dates: --> Enter up to three expected deliverables.