Logger Integration with Collect

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Logger Integration with Collect

Collect can directly capture real-time data from supported data loggers. Collect forms must be configured in Collect Enterprise to connect to data loggers prior to the forms being published for use on the Collect Mobile app. Appropriately configured forms on the Collect Mobile app can connect to the data loggers.


Supported Loggers


Collect supports the following wired (serial/USB) loggers on Windows:

Horiba U50 (e.g., U-51, U-52, U-52G, U-53, U-53G)

Hydrolab HL (e.g., HL4, HL7), S5 (e.g., DS5, DS5X, MS5)

In-Situ (see list below)

YSI 6-Series (e.g., 556, 6600V2, 6820, 6920), EXO (USB only, not Bluetooth), ProDSS, ProPlus


Note: The 'generic' Windows driver may not work for some loggers; it may be necessary to install the driver provided by the logger’s manufacturer.


Collect supports In-Situ Bluetooth loggers on Android, iOS, and Windows (that use the In-Situ Modbus protocol; see In-Situ's Modbus Protocol Document):

Aqua TROLL® 100, 200, 400, 500, 600

BaroTROLL® 500


Level TROLL® 400, 500, 700


Rugged BaroTROLL®

Rugged TROLL® 200




Setup and Data Capture


More information regarding the form setup, device settings, and data capture is provided in the following articles:

Setup Form (Collect Enterprise)

Collect Mobile Settings

Capture Data (Collect Mobile)

Unit Conversions