Loading Reference Values for EQuIS Alive

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Loading Reference Values for EQuIS Alive

When EQuIS Alive is installed, the Alive-refvals.xsd format installs by default to the \Program Files\EarthSoft\EQuIS\Formats\Alive folder.


This format is used primarily for database setup and loading reference values to the following tables that are not already directly associated with surveys:










These reference tables can be exported from an EQuIS database via the RVF Builder Form. Simply export one or more of these reference tables and save as an .xml file by following the steps in RVF Builder. The .xml file can then be loaded in another database as an EDD in EDP using the Alive-refvals.xsd file as the Format.


Follow the steps in Reference Values - Importing for more information on using the Alive-refvals.xsd format in EDP.


Single rows can also be entered manually into the reference tables seen in the image above, which will then appear as Available Parameters in the Alive Survey Definition Form.



Note: The Alive-refvals.xsd format is not meant to be opened in EDGE.