YSI Sensors

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YSI Sensors

EDGE supports several YSI data logger models. They are listed, along with other details, in the Field Logger Import article.


YSI to EQuIS Mapping


The parameters in YSI raw files may be mapped to EQuIS RT_ANALYE.CAS_RN and RT_UNIT fields using the RT_REMAP and REMAP_DETAILS, tables. An example of the field remap is available in RT_REMAP_DETAIL.xlsx.


Common parameters for each YSI model can be reviewed in the EDGE\Sensors\YSI folder.


Note: If a parameter is recorded by a logger with no units (pH being a prime example), setup the unit remapping row for that parameter to have EXTERNAL_VALUE set to the desired unit code and INTERNAL_VALUE set to the associated parameter code.



EDGE Import


1.Click the Devices Tab in EDGE

2.Click the YSI icon

3.Select the desired YSI logger

4.Click Open File

5.Follow the steps in Field Logger Import to import YSI data into EDGE


Real Time Data Streaming with YSI EXO1


The Real Time Data Streaming feature supports YSI EXO1; follow the steps outlined in the linked article to import YSI EXO1 data directly into Field Results section.


To add a shortcut to the direct connection option in the Field Sample Form, check the appropriate form in the Probes Manager and click OK.




A sensors box will be added to the Form tab with a shortcut to the connection window for the logger.