XY Charts - Name of Worksheet Unique Workbook - Error

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XY Charts - Name of Worksheet Unique Workbook - Error

The error message below indicates duplicate Excel worksheet names when exporting to Excel.


System.ArgumentException: Name of worksheet must be unique in a workbook.

 at EarthSoft.Reports.Graphs.Trend.Trend.CreateExcelChart(IWorkbook& p_workBook, TChart& p_tChart) in C:\Hg\EarthSoft.hotfix\Reports\Graphs\Trend.vb:line 1303

 at EarthSoft.Reports.Graphs.Trend.Trend.SendToExcel(ArrayList charts, Boolean showExcel) in C:\Hg\EarthSoft.hotfix\Reports\Graphs\Trend.vb:line 987


This can occur because Excel limits worksheet names to 31 characters. If worksheet names are over the 31 character limit, the names are automatically truncated to 31 characters when exporting to Excel. When the names are truncated, it may result in the same worksheet name for multiple worksheets.




1.In one of the charts active in the Action Level Exceedance XY Chart Window, select View > Advanced > Active Chart.

2.Change the Tag value to something different to ensure you will not have any duplicate worksheet names.

3.Export to Excel.