EQuIS Vapor Intrusion Module Overview

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EQuIS Vapor Intrusion Module Overview

What is Vapor Intrusion?


Vapor Intrusion (VI) is defined as the migration of volatile chemicals from a subsurface source (e.g., soils, groundwater) into overlying structures. The volatile chemicals can be from a naturally occurring source, such as radon, or from subsurface contamination. Chemicals classes frequently associated with VI include volatile organic compounds (VOCs), certain semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs), and some inorganic analytes, such as elemental mercury and hydrogen sulfide.


Risks associated with vapor intrusion and vapor accumulation in occupied builds can be both near-term (acute health effects and safety hazards, such as explosive conditions) or long-term, chronic health effects. Monitoring for vapor intrusion typically includes collecting information on building parameters and atmospheric conditions in addition to indoor air and soil gas sampling.



EQuIS Vapor Intrusion Module


The EQuIS Vapor Intrusion Module allows EarthSoft clients to collect, store, manage, and report data associated with vapor intrusion assessment and monitoring. An EQuIS Vapor Intrusion format has been created for use with the EQuIS Data Processor (EDP) to import and export VI data. The EQuIS Vapor Intrusion module can be used with other EQuIS applications, such as EQuIS Collect.


The EQuIS Vapor Intrusion Module includes the following:

Vapor Intrusion Schema – Provides a basic structure to store and organize vapor intrusion related data in EQuIS.

EQuIS_Vapor_Intrusion Format – EQuIS format designed to upload vapor intrusion data files into an EQuIS database. This format can load current and historical datasets. The EQuIS_Vapor_Intrusion Format also contains an Export File that can be used to export vapor intrusion data from the database.

Example Reference Value EDD File – The VI_ReferenceValueEDD_Example.xls file provides example data to assist users with setting up reference values for vapor intrusion data.

EQuIS Collect Template – For users with Collect licenses, an out-of-the-box Collect VI Form Template is available to assist with vapor intrusion data collection.

Vapor Intrusion Reports – Several standard reports are available to assist with vapor intrusion data collection, analysis, and reporting tasks.


The EQuIS Vapor Intrusion module is available to clients with EQuIS Enterprise Basic licensing. Please email EarthSoft Support (support@earthsoft.com) for any questions about using this module.



EQuIS Vapor Intrusion Module Workflow


Prior to using the EQuIS Vapor Intrusion Module, the EQuIS database must be updated with the Vapor Intrusion Schema and VI reference values. EQuIS VI Module components can then be used in a variety of ways:

Historical VI data can be uploaded if available.

Collect VI data using EQuIS Collect and then import into EQuIS through EDP.

Run reports to view or analyze data.

Export VI data for regulatory submittal, if needed.