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User Login

The EDGE Field EDD report can be exported for use by approved users named in the report parameters. This EDD will require the user to log in with a PIN when the EDD is opened in EDGE.  This PIN is set up for/by the user in EQuIS as explained below.


EDGE will auto-populate data fields like the Field Samples "sampler" or Activities "measured_by" by virtue of the user's login.


To enable this feature:

1.In Professional, set a PIN in DT_PERSON.CUSTOM_FIELD_5. The pin must be a 4-digit, numeric value.

2.Open the EDGE Field EDD in Professional or SPM.

3.Under the "User(s)" parameter, check one or more users.

4.Run the report to export an EDD.

5.Open the EDD in EDGE.

6.When prompted, select a user name.

7.Enter the PIN from step 1.

8.Click OK.

9.Test the auto-populate of user-related data by creating a field sample record and checking the "sampler" field


Note: If DT_PERSON.CUSTOM_FIELD_5 is blank and the user is selected in the report, this user will not be included in the report output.