Schedule Optimization

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Schedule Optimization

Principles of optimization are described in the Optimize Tasks article. A video demonstration of the Schedule Optimization interface, titled SPM New Feature: Schedule Optimization Wizard, can be viewed on YouTube.


Optimize a Plan's Schedule


1.Open the Schedule Optimization interface from the Plan group on the Plan ribbon.



2.In the Fulfilled By column, use the drop-down to select an applicable parent task. The parent task is the LESS FREQUENT task that fulfills the more frequent task when it is performed. The least frequent task will not have a parent task listed.


3.In the image below, there are three tasks with different frequencies; quarterly, monthly, and weekly. The monthly (parent) task fulfills the weekly task, and the quarterly (parent) task fulfills the monthly task.




3.Click on the Schedule button in the Planned Tasks group on the Plan ribbon to schedule tasks. Schedule each parent task before scheduling the related child task. In the example above, schedule the tasks in the following order:

    (1) quarterly

    (2) monthly

    (3) weekly