RVF Selection

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RVF Selection

The subset of data available in EDGE is obtained from the Reference Value File (RVF). The RVF is part of the client format. The client format may contain multiple RVFs.


Upon opening the client format, EDGE checks for RVF presence.


RVF Presence

EDGE Action


Error message, EDGE stops


EDGE uses present file


EDGE displays dialog asking for RVF selection


At any time in EDGE, users can switch to a different RVF by using the RVF chooser tool.




The RVF chooser displays a list of RVFs available in the current format folder as well as an option allowing the user to browse for the RVF file located outside of the current format folder.





The selected RVF will be used each time EDGE is started, unless the file cannot be located.

When switching to a different RVF, EDGE restart is required and performed automatically upon user approval. EDGE will ask to save the current EDD before restarting.