Run EQuIS Professional from Network Folder

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Run EQuIS Professional from Network Folder

Some clients prefer to install and run EQuIS Professional from a network folder. By default, Microsoft .NET Code Security will prevent EQuIS from running successfully from a network folder. In order for EQuIS to run successfully, an administrator must first grant permissions on a workstation so Microsoft .NET Code Security will allow the application to execute successfully.


After installing EQuIS Professional to a network drive, an administrator must set the .NET security policy on each workstation. The instructions below use an example that assumes EQuIS Professional has been installed to a shared network drive located at \\SERVER1\EarthSoft\EQuIS. Use your actual network location when following these instructions.


1.Log on to the workstation as an Administrator.

2.Run .NET Framework 4.7.2 (or the version in the System Requirements in the Release Notes for your version of EQuIS Professional 7) Configuration (from Administrative Tools menu).

3.Expand .NET Framework 4.7.2 (or your required version) Configuration.

4.Expand My Computer.

5.Expand Runtime Security Policy.

6.Expand Machine.

7.Expand Code Groups.

8.Expand All_Code.

9.Right-click on All_Code and choose New ...

10.Name the group EQuIS (or some other name, if preferred).

11.Click Next >

12.Select URL as the condition type.

13.Enter the URL as the path to your network folder (with a trailing asterisk) as shown below.


14.Click Next >

15.Choose Use existing permission set: and select FullTrust.

16.Click Next >

17.Click Finish.


After completing these steps, it is possible to successfully run EQuIS from the network folder.