REST API (7.21.3)

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REST API (7.21.3)





REST API: New api/facilities/GeoJSON Endpoint [d10826]

Added a new api/facilities/GeoJSON endpoint to the Facilities Controller that returns a GeoJSON layer of EQuIS facilities and their polygon outlines.





REST API: Report FeatureLayer Query Output Issues [d10843]

Fixed a bug where OBJECTID values for report FeatureLayer features were not set correctly while filtering or sorting. 





REST API: POST api/files Endpoint Allows for Content as Part of File Properties [d11379]

Updated the POST api/files endpoint to allow for content as part of file properties.





REST API: PUT api/files Endpoint Allows for Updating of OBJECT_EUID Field [d11419]

Modified the PUT api/files endpoint to allow for updating of OBJECT_EUID field.





REST API: POST api/edp Endpoint No Longer Attempts to Base64 Encode Provided Values [d11467]

In previous builds, the POST api/edp endpoint always attempted to base64 decode the values provided, creating instances where non-encoded values would return "decoded". This was causing incorrect submittals and has been addressed so that these instances will no longer occur.





REST API: POST api/files Endpoint Updated to Allow Setting OBJECT_EUID [d11699]

Updated the POST api/files endpoint to allow users to set OBJECT_EUID field in the Upload File dialog window in the Explorer widget.





REST API: Notices Endpoints Return Correct Response Codes [d12055]

The following endpoints have been updated to return the appropriate response codes:
  • GET api/notices/{noticeId}
  • GET api/notices/{noticeId}/attachments/{attachmentId}/content





REST API: PUT /api/workflow/services/{service_name} Updates Corresponding ST_CONFIG Settings When Updating EmailDeliver, EmailRetrieve, and FTPRetrieve Agents [d12225]

Updating the EmailDeliver, EmailRetrieve, and FTPRetrieve agents via the Workflow widget or PUT /api/workflow/services/{service_name} will also update the corresponding settings to contain the same values.