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Map Widget: Photos Appear Inline and Allow Resizing [m122798]

Images assigned to a location will now resize to fit the bounds of the location info template when viewed in the Map widget.





Piper Diagram Widget [m154707]

The Piper Diagram widget has been added to Enterprise 7. The Piper Diagram widget is designed to display user reports based on the EnviroInsite Piper Diagram report.





Collapsing Widgets [m156008]

Widgets on a dashboard can be collapsed to only display their title bar. Options for this feature are available in the new Widget Object Editor, which is accessible by clicking the gear icon in the header of the Widget Editor.





Automatically Run Initial Deploy If No Minified JS File [m158614]

In previous builds of Enterprise 7, clients who were upgrading from Enterprise 6 had to manually copy a file into the application folder (i.e., ~/assets/dist/js/widgets.equis.all.min.js) before using the application. This step is no longer required, as that file will be created automatically when the application starts.





Report Parameter Editor: Parameter Sub-Sections Need to be Collapsed By Default or Be Hotlinks [m159424]

Added an expandable and collapsible option (i.e., drop-down menu) to show/hide the individual parameter selections in the Report Parameter Editor.





Report Parameter Editor: Redesign Updates [m159451]

The Report Parameter Editor has been redesigned to be more responsive to smaller screens.





Choosers: Correct Icons in Grid View [m160012]

Icons for the choosers were incorrectly displayed while in grid view. This has been fixed.





Dashboard Chooser: Search Functionality [m160049]

The Dashboard Chooser has been updated to include an option to search the database directly for dashboards. This performs a search across all folders for any dashboards matching the filter string.





Report Parameter Editor: User Selection Jumping to Top of List [m160068]

The Report Parameter Editor now stays focused on the most recent selection a user has made, rather than jumping to the previous selection.





Filter Widgets: Not Working on Map Widget Report Layers [m160192]

A bug that was preventing the Map widget from responding to the Filter-List and Filter-Date Range widgets has been fixed.





Filter-List Widget: Cannot Unselect a Selected Field [m160194]

A bug that was preventing a blank value from showing up in the Filter-List widget has been resolved.





Choosers: Indicate Favorites, Recent, or Browse View in Chooser Title [m160374]

Choosers now display the current view at the top of the chooser.





Map Widget: View Widget in Fullscreen Mode [m160414]

The Map widget is now able to be viewed in a full screen mode. The full screen mode is triggered by clicking the Enter Full Screen button directly below the Zoom In/Zoom Out buttons. Selecting the button again, hitting escape on the keyboard, or hitting F11 on the keyboard will return the map to the original size of the widget.





Time Series Chart Widget: Title No Longer Respects {$tab} [m160502]

A bug was preventing Time Series Chart titles configured with "{$tab}" to show the chart title as the selected tab name. This bug has been fixed.





Explorer Widget: Unable to View or Edit Facility Metadata [m160574]

Added functionality to view or edit a facility in the Explorer widget grid. The Code column is now a hyperlink for facility objects. When clicked it will open the facility editor.





Open Dashboard in New Browser Tab [m160613]

New functionality has been added to the Dashboard Chooser. Pressing the CTRL key while clicking on a dashboard in the Dashboard Chooser opens the dashboard in a new browser tab.





Map Widget: Non-numeric Location Coordinates Preventing Facility Selection and Display of Locations on Map [m160742]

A bug was causing no locations to be displayed on the Map widget if any of the facility's location coordinates contained a non-numeric character, such as a comma or carriage return. This bug has been fixed. Now, only locations with valid numeric coordinates will be displayed on the map. Coordinate data should be periodically reviewed in the database view VW_COORD_NON_NUMERIC to ensure that locations have valid coordinates.





Grid Properties: Translated to Browser Language [m160848]

Grid properties (e.g., paging, toolbar items, etc.) are now translated to the browser language.





Data Grid Widget: Download Button Not Properly Exporting .xlsx File [m160884]

Fixed a bug that was causing the Data Grid to download some report output as an .htm file rather than an .xlsx file.





Map Widget: Drag and Drop Report from EZView Widget [m161075]

Users can now drag and drop reports from the EZView widget to a map widget by dragging the report icon from the EZView widget onto the map.





Drilldown Widget: Added Column Sorting Order [m161110]

The Drilldown Widget has been updated with an option for a sort column for the first level of visualization.





Time Series Chart Widget: Skip Null Action Levels [m161141]

When using a string-based value (such as action_level) in the Time Series Chart widget, null values will be ignored rather than being plotted as 0.





Notice Widget: Column Headers Stay Translated [m161183]

Notice widget column headers were being untranslated after entering the editor or refreshing the widget. This has been fixed.





REST API: api/facilities/{facilityId}/locations Should Return NoContent If a Facility Has No Locations [m161224]

The REST API facilities/{facilityId}/locations endpoint has been corrected to return "NoContent" when the facility exists, but has no locations. Previously, it was incorrectly returning a 404 error.





Choosers: Clear Button Breaks Chooser [m161259]

The clear button for the Dashboard, Facility, and Report Choosers was breaking the chooser. This was fixed.





Map Widget: Control Display Order of Map Layers [m161307]

A new feature was added to the Map widget that allows users to adjust the display order of the map layers. Within the Layers tab of the Widget Editor, the layer display order is controlled by the position of the map layer in the view grid. A user can select a map layer and drag it to a different position in layer view grid. After saving the changes, the map will redraw the layers based on the revised layer order.





EZView Widget: Download Button Grayed Out on Hover [m161421]

The download button on the EZView widget was receiving additional styling properties, which made the 'hover' color a disabled color. The color has been fixed to be dark blue, consistent with the rest of the application.





Time Series Chart Widget: Advanced Tab More User-Friendly [m161434]

The Time Series Widget advanced tab object editor has been reverted back to a text based solution for easier bulk editing.





Time Series Chart Widget: Added Bulk Options Editor to Set Series Values Globally [m161435]

A bulk options editor has been added to the Time Series Chart widget editor. This feature allows users to apply values to multiple series with one action. The Time Series widget editor has also been redesigned into 4 separate sections: Series, Chart Options, Report Data, and Advanced settings. The Advanced settings consist of a JSON object which can be copied and transferred to other widgets.





Dashboard Navigator Widget [m161481]

The Dashboard Navigator widget provides users with an easy and intuitive way to navigate to their dashboards.





Traffic Light Map Widget: View Widget in Full Screen Mode [m161565]

The Traffic Light Map widget is now able to be viewed in a full screen mode. The full screen mode is triggered by clicking the Enter Full Screen button directly below the Zoom In/Zoom Out buttons. Selecting the button again, hitting escape on the keyboard, or hitting F11 on the keyboard will return the map to the original size of the widget.





ArcGIS Online Layer with Appended Token that Works in Enterprise 6 Not Working in Enterprise 7 [m161628]

A change introduced in ESRI JS API 4.8 made the token parameter on Feature Layers not work anymore and introduced the IdentityManager for managing tokens. This change modifies how tokens for feature layers are used so that layers configured with tokens now use the IdentityManager.





Workflow Widget: Intermittent Conflicts When Editing Formats [m161642]

Fixed an issue where updating a format in the Workflow Widget Editor resulted in error.





Enterprise Help: Removed from Enterprise Install [m161864]

To reduce overall download size and time, product documentation is no longer included by default with the Enterprise installation files. Instead, Enterprise will use online documentation (e.g., https://help.earthsoft.com). If local help documentation is needed (e.g., no external Internet access), the help documentation file can be downloaded separately. If the documentation exists locally in the /help folder (i.e., {wwwroot}/help/index.htm), then Enterprise will use the local help documentation content rather than the online help. Both online and local help documentation support context-specific help. Contact support@earthsoft.com for a local copy of the documentation file.





EZView Widget: Error Using Dynamic Dates for Ad Hoc Report [m162098]

A bug in the EZView widget that was preventing the ad-hoc report viewer from showing report results with relative dates was fixed.





REST API: Move Filters to the Database [m162140]

The definitions for dashboard filters have been moved into the database as report parameters for a special report called 'dashboard.filters'. This will allow users with DB access to modify/add/delete filters and to manage their properties like report parameters, including changing their type from SingleSelect to MultiSelect.





Map Widget: Symbology Set in v6.6 Widget Not Working in 7 [m162187]

A bug in the Map widget was preventing facility layer symbology in widgets configured in version 6.6 from working. This has been fixed.





Map Widget: Not Plotting Locations When Coordinates Do Not Project Successfully [m162343]

Coordinate values outside the acceptable range for the selected coordinate system were being returned as "NaN" or "not a number" and were unable to be projected. The Map widget was failing to plot any further locations if "NaN" coordinates were returned. The Map widget will now plot locations with "NaN" coordinates in the upper left hand corner of the map's extent, and fully log the invalid coordinates in the w3wp.log file.





User/Role Permission Grid: Column Toggle Not Saving for a Large Number of Items [m162476]

Fixed an issue that would prevent a large number of changes from be saved in the User/Role Permission Grid. Now a user can select as many changes as they want without error.





Traffic Light Widget: Traffic Light Icons Not Displaying When No Display Columns Are Selected [m162490]

A bug has been fixed in the Traffic Light widget that resulted in icons not being rendered unless a display column was selected.





Report Parameter Editor: Icon Displaying When No Report Selected [m162600]

The Report Parameter Editor icon was displayed before a report was selected. The icon is now only shown if a report is selected.





Time Series Chart Widget: Some Usable Reports Getting No Domain or Value Data Message [m162603]

The Time Series Chart widget is now more robust when dealing with reports that contain lowercase characters in the column names.





Administration Widgets: Page Size Persists When Widget Refreshed [m162757]

For Administration widgets, page size now persists after refreshing the widget or page.





Traffic Light Widget: Report Column Errors in Widget Editor [m162774]

Two bugs were fixed that impacted the usability of the Traffic Light widget. The first bug caused the Report Column value in the Traffic Light Widget Editor to not display correctly for certain reports. The second bug resulted in the report values not being displayed in the widget for the column(s) checked in the Display Column(s) list.





EZView Widget: Support {DataTable.column_name} Tags in EIA Notice Subject/Body [m162883]

The subject and/or body of an EIA notice may now include values from the report output data using tags, such as {DataTable.column_name}. These tags will be replaced by a list of all unique values in the given column. For example, supposed a tag is defined as {DataTable.sys_loc_code} and the report output data contains a column called "sys_loc_code" and two rows, one for location B-30 and one for B-32. In the EIA notice, the tag will be replaced by the string "B-30, B-32" (without quotes).





Explorer Widget: Poor Performance with Large Lists of Folders [m162939]

A bug in the Explorer widget was preventing the Folder Tree from loading with larger and more complex datasets. This has been fixed by replacing the tree control with a control that can load folder contents on demand.
Known Issues:
- Having multiple Explorer widgets on the same dashboard.
- The ability to drag and drop in the Explorer widget has been temporarily removed as part of this change. This will be addressed in a later release. Cut and paste still works.





Data Grid Widget: Crosstab Report Not Properly Loading In Editor [m162972]

Crosstab reports in the Data Grid widget were not running and loading correctly when the session facility was cleared or not set. This has been fixed by using the default Facility ID from the report.





Vertical Profile Chart Widget: Downhole Point Parameter Report Not Working [m163092]

The Download Point Parameter report (EarthSoft.Reports.Library.43582) was not working properly as the data source for a Vertical Profile widget. Similarly, other reports may not have worked with the Vertical Profile widget. The Vertical Profile widget has been made more robust so it will now work with reports that contain lowercase characters in column names.





Traffic Light Widget: Not Displaying Data; Report Parameters Not Viewable/Downloadable [m163129]

Fixed an issue where columns in the Traffic Light widget were displaying blank for ARII and ALE reports.





Dashboard Chooser: Newly Created Dashboards Not Showing In Recents [m163190]

Newly created dashboards were not getting added as a "Recent" dashboard. This has been fixed.





Enable "Debug" Mode on Deployed Site [m163281]

Enterprise 7 has been optimized for deployment, with most of the client-side content minified into small files. However, minified files are difficult to use when debugging on deployed sites. With this release, users can add "&debug=js" to the query string and the dashboard will use original files instead of minified files, which are easier to use when debugging.





User Profile: Sending User Certificates Inappropriately [m163369]

Fixed an issue where users were sent a new user certificate email for any update made to a user profile.





Map Widget: Report Extent Not Being Respected [m163418]

A bug has been fixed in the Map widget that resulted in the map not zooming to a layer's extent when the layer was set in the "Extents" tab of Map Widget Editor.





Map Widget: User Report with Simple Symbology Lost When Migrating from 6.6 to 7.0 [m163711]

For the Map widget, a bug was preventing report layers with simple renderers that were setup in version 6.6 from rendering correctly in EQuIS 7. This has been fixed.





Filter-Date Range Widget: Issues Clearing and Applying Date Ranges [m163809]

Several bugs in the Filter-Date Range Widget that were preventing the Apply and Clear buttons from working correctly in some cases have been fixed.





Enterprise EDP: ST_FILE_REGISTRATION.RECEIVED_DATE Populating [m163860]

In earlier releases of Enterprise 7, the ST_FILE_REGISTRATION.RECEIVED_DATE field was not being immediately populated when EDDs were received outside of the upload process (e.g., when received via email). The RECEIVED_DATE field was being populated when an EDD was accepted - but not until then. EDDs that were rejected would not show up in the EDD Status widget or the "Enterprise EDP: EDD List" in Professional because RECEIVED_DATE was never set.
This functionality has been changed and RECEIVED_DATE is now populated when the EDD is first received.





Data Grid Widget: Widgets Migrated from Enterprise 6.6 Not Working in Enterprise 7 [m163872]

Several issues that were preventing Data Grid widgets created in Enterprise 6.6 from working correctly in Enterprise 7 have been fixed.





Data Grid Widget: Column Names Not Showing in Editor for Widgets Migrated from 6.6 to 7 [m163932]

In previous builds of Enterprise 7, an existing Data Grid widget (created in v6) would not display the column names/titles in the Widget Editor. This issue has been resolved. With this build, the column names/titles will display in the Widget Editor for existing Data Grid widgets.





Explorer Widget: Advanced File Search Translation Fix [m163996]

Fixed broken translations in the Explorer widget Advanced File Search dialog.