Active Reports - Refine Report Format

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Active Reports - Refine Report Format

1.Close the Preview window and return to the Report Designer screen to further enhance the design of the report.

2.Additional features can be added to enhance the aesthetics of the report, such as:

a.The Label, TextBox, CheckBox, Shape and Line tools will insert the desired graphics wherever they are drawn (i.e. a box can be drawn around all of the columns).

b.The Picture tool allows you to upload a picture such as a company logo, and have it appear when the report is run.

3.To change the format of the Date:

a.Double-click on the MEASUREMENT_DATE field.

b.Click on the OutputFormat ellipse in the Appearance section of the Properties tab.

c.Change the format to Date MM/dd/yyyy and click OK.

4.To change the Page Layout to Landscape:

a.Go to File > Page Setup.

b.Click on Printer Settings and select Landscape Orientation. Click OK.

5.Once you have a layout with your desired settings, Save the report.