XY Charts - Create, Export, Remove Series

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XY Charts - Create, Export, Remove Series

XY Charts are two-variable charts, such as time-series charts (previously called "Trend" in previous versions of EQuIS). XY Charts for EQuIS Versions 6.3+ are created by holding down the Shift key on the keyboard while clicking the XY Chart button that appears when report output is displayed.


To open XY Charts, first run a report, then click XY Charts Graph-01.


Create an XY Chart


XY charts can still be created using TeeCharts in EQuIS Professional 7, by holding down the Shift key on the keyboard when clicking the XY Chart button (see number 6 below).


1.Click the Reports button Reports-Document-WF(24) using the Springfield Database.

2.Select the Analytical Results II Report, and click Open.

3.Reporting selections can be made at each node. If no selections are made for a node, then all values will be returned. For this example, choose MATRIX=WG. Leave all other values as default (no selection).

4.Run the report by clicking the Go button Arrow right - 08(1) and results will be returned in grid format.

5.Use the Filter button Filter-Standard(1) and select the following value:


6.Create an XY Chart by holding down the Shift key on the keyboard while clicking the XY Chart button Graph-01 in the toolbar.

7.The XY Chart menu panel will display on the right-hand side. Make the following selections and then click the Add Series button Add_Series_Button in the Data pane:

a.Dataset = Analytical Results II



d.Group Series By = Default (None Selected)

e.Group Charts By = SYS_LOC_CODE


These steps should result in multiple charts for each location queried with Benzene data.


Note: When an XY Chart is generated using the XY Chart button in EQuIS Professional, the image includes right and bottom border lines that are generated by default. To remove these border lines, click Advanced, expand Misc., expand Panel, expand Bevel, and change Outer from "Raised" to "None".


Export an XY Chart


Once an XY Chart has been created, it can be exported to Outlook, Excel or to "My Charts" as a .jpg file.


To view the raw data in the Excel chart export, right-click on a worksheet tab and choose Unhide from the context menu, then click a worksheet from the list of the hidden "Data" worksheets to unhide it.


Note: Stacked Charts can be exported to Excel. When a prompt is shown to enter a file name during exporting to Excel, select "Save as type" as .xls so that the legends display correctly. The stacked lines are drawn in a specially customized method in Excel.


Remove Series from Chart


There are two options to remove a Series from a Chart. The steps below explain how to do so, (without clearing entire chart):


1.Click the Advanced tab.

2.Click on the Series line, and then the [...] button.

3.Select the series you would like to remove.

4.Click the Remove button.

5.Click OK to apply the change.


If you have multiple charts and want to remove the same series from each chart, first:


1.Right-click twice (right-clicks will toggle the series) on the series of interest within your chart legend.

2.Choose Advanced in the menu that appears.

3.Select the "All '[name of series]' Series".

4.Switch to the Advanced tab.

5.On the Advanced tab:

a.Set Visible = False

b.Set ShowInLegend = False