Debug Log - equisdebug.log

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Debug Log - equisdebug.log

EQuIS Professional automatically stores a log of errors, called "equisdebug.log", in a user's Working Folder (My EQuIS Work). This folder is typically located in a user's Documents folder, though the location may be changed in the Working Folders settings of the Options GUI.


By default, the equisdebug.log file should store all error messages appearing in dialogues, as well as some messages not shown to the user, such as licensing checks. As the file gets bigger, a number is appended to it and previous logs (e.g. "equisdebug.log.1" and "equisdebug.log.2", where 1 is the most recent). A new equisdebug.log file is then created for the most recent errors.


By default, logging is set to "warn", which will only record errors and warnings. Setting the logging level to "All" will record logs errors, warnings, and information messages (uses more disk space). Logging settings are editable in the log4net.config file within the EQuIS Professional installation directory and can also be modified via ST_CONFIG. To change the logging level from the default of "warn" to "all", please use the following instructions:


1.Navigate to the log4net.config file in the EQuIS installation folder (typically C:\Program Files\EarthSoft\EQuIS or, for per-user installation, %localappdata%\Programs\EarthSoft\EQuIS).

2.Open log4net.config with a text editor (such as Notepad++).

3.Near the end of the file (roughly line 26), change the level value to 'all' and save.